Here’s the video of Roadies Contestant Siddharth how he apologizes!

MTV Roadies X4
MTV Roadies X4

MTV Roadies X4: Yes, the most controversial show of the youth channel MTV comes again to encourage the youngsters of the country to show their talent. The show skips from x3 to x4.  Now, the time comes when the auditions of the show are being wrapped up and all set for the first episode which is telecast today on MTV.

As we all know every year lots of youngsters come to join the Roadies some of them are a success to join the Roadies team, but some of them are not able to clear even the auditions steps.

One of the names is Sidharth. Sidharth is the contestant of Roadies who has been Joining Roadies From the Last 6 years because Roadies is the dream and passion of Siddharth. But, destiny needs something different Siddharth was rejected Last year because of He fails to show the Body Talent and rejected. He has High Fat on Body which doesn’t require at all to be a Roadies Contestant.

when he was rejected by the judges he did not seem what to do or not, so he Challenged to Judge Vijender Singh and had Negative Attitude with the Vijendra. The other judge of the show Ranvijay suggested him to Make his Body and Attitude better.

Now in the 13th season of a year Siddharth back to bang the show. He realizes his mistake and comes with positive attitude, shaped body and accuse lots of energy, power, and Stamina. Siddharth worked so hard for a year and now he Especially wants to join the Rann Vijay Singh‘s Team.

Here is the video how He Feel Guilty for his behavior and  How he just start beating himself with a belt.


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