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Ishqbaaz Serial 01 Dec Episode

In the 1 December 2016 episode of Ishqbaaz serial, Anika is crying and Shivaay holds his hand and started covering her face with Ghughant and music plays. He takes Anika downstairs and suddenly all the lights gets on and everyone shout surprise. Dadi tells Shivaay that they wanted to do Muh Dikhaye Rasam now and started lifts the ghunghat of Anika. Shivaay is afraid , Dadi gets shocked after seeing Anika behind the Ghughat. All family members of Oberoi mention are shocked and Pinky gets angry over Anika. She is out to slap her but Shivaay holds her hand and Anika stares at him angrily.

Ishqbaaz Serial 30 Nov Episode

In the 30 Nov episode of Ishqbaaz serial Shivaye forcefully marry Anika and fills sindoor in her forehead and makes Anika wear mangal sutra. Anika cries, when marriage was completed Shivaay and Anika touched the feet of every family members but when she touches the feet of Dadi she feels that she is Anika and blesses her for her future. Anika cries and stands with Shivaye. All Media members click their pics. Shivaay holds the hand of Anika and walks ahead towards Tia’s mom. He says that this is his suggestion or warning, none should know that Anika is behind that ghunghat. So do all the marriage rituals that you would do for Tia, if you don’t do this, I will ruin your whole family and business, both. She gets shocked. She gets shocked and start doing rituals but worried about Tia and thinking why she did this.

Ishqbaaz Serial 21 Nov Episode

In the 21 Nov episode of Ishqbaaz serial, All members of Oberoi family are very happy and enjoying the Sangeet ceremony of Shivaay and Tia. When Shivaay saw Anika, he is trying to talk with her but Tia comes and stop him by saying it’s our Sangeet ceremony and you still wants to talk with Anika. Shivaay says I want to talk abou our wedding preprations thats it. When all were dancing Daksh asks Anika infront of all guest will you marry me. Anika says yes, every body gets shocked after hearing the answere of Anika. Daksh makes her wear the ring. Shivaay is in shock and leave the place. Tia asks Anika must say you always become the centre of attraction, and congratz dash and Anika for their engagement. Later Shivaay congrats Anika with heavy heart and Anika comes her house and started crying by remembering the days with Shivaay.

Jhanvi says to Daksh that you should Thanks, Shivaays because if Shivaay did not force you to come here, you would have never met such a beautiful girl Anika. Next day Anika is not feeling well, Shivaay says go home, servant will take care of his wedding preprations. Anika tells him my work is not finished yet. He says I said go home. She says I won’t go home till then my work ends. Shivaay holds her hand in a anger and sought I said go home and throw her diary.

Ishqbaaz Serial 19 Nov Episode

In the 18 Nov episode of Ishqbaaz serial Oberoi brother dance on the Aaj ki party song. Tia says Anika, Ahivaay give this money for you, take it and leave him. Anika ask Shivaay , did you give this money to me. She ask but why? Shivaay tells her that Tia will expplain you whole things. Anika told him that i want to here it from you. He says you want me to say it again. Anika gets shocked. Sometime before, Shivaye ask Anika are you fine, security told me that some one again attacked you lastnight. He asks him what are you doing there , change your place. Your house is not safe for you. Daksh intrupt Shivaay and says thank good i reached on time otherwise they will kill her. Shivaay console Anika and tell her no need to worry, he will call comissioner. Daksh says Shivaay its you Sangeet ceremoney , focus on that, i will handle all this. Shivaay hold the hand of Anika and music plays.. Anika star her work and tell the servent to check all the guest rooms. Dadi tells Anika , stop doing work and test rest as she already injured.

Ishqbaaz Serial 18 Nov Episode

In the 18 Nov episode of Ishqbaaz serial, Shivaay ask Rudra where is Anika, he says don’t know. Shivaay feels that Anika is in trouble. On the other hand, Anika also feels something wrong. To check security guard she open the door of her house, suddenly two boys push her door and try to attack her. She runs and locked the door of her bedroom. Anika sees petrol entering the door and the boys warn her to open the door otherwise they will burn whole house. Anika tries to call shivaay but Tia disconnected her call.

Ishqbaaz Serial 17 Nov Episode

In the 17 Nov episode of Ishqbaaz serial, Tia asks Anika why she had come in Shivaay’s bedroom. Anika tells her that she has some work regarding marriage preparations. Tia asks her don’t tell lie , you were saying something wrong write. So tell me what is the matter. Anika asks her to tell Shivaay. She hides Tia’s phone but Tia observes it that ask her what are you doing with my mobile phone. Tia gets shocked after seeing her marriage photos. She tries to snatch the mobile with Anika’s hand and fall down.

Ishqbaaz Serial 16 Nov Episode

In the 16 Nov episode of Ishqbaaz serial, Ankita said Daksh that I got Play tickets in my house, she said I am not blaming but I wonder how it comes in my house. Daksh told her I have my tickets and show them. Dadi told Anika that Daksh is a very good boy and they knew him since his childhood. Tia says Anika, you should say sorry to Daksh, you raised a question on him. Shivaya says Anika is in stress , I will like to apologize on the behalf of Anika. She looked at him and music plays. Tia asks Shivaye, why are you apologizing baby, this is not tour fault. Meanwhile, Anika enters in the Shivaay’s room and told his that something is wrong here. Tia comes and asks her what are you doing here.

Ishqbaaz Serial 15 Nov Episode

In the 15 Nov episode of Ishqbaaz serial, Shivaay went to Anika’s house to protect her. Anika was very afraid and when she saw Shivaay , she tightly hugs him and started crying. Shivaay tells her there is no one , why are you afraid. Anika gets disturbed which someone holds her feet and she falls on the ground. On the other hand, Om is also upset by remembering the incident of an accident. Next day Anika back to her work and dadi tells her for look after Sangeet preparations. Shivaay ask her are you fine ? Jhanvi asks what happen to Anika, she is looking down. Shivaay tells her that someone attached Anika  Dadi asks why don’t you inform the police. Anika told everyone that she got a play ticket at her home.

Ishqbaaz Serial 14 Nov Episode

In the 14 Nov episode of Ishqbaaz serial, Daksh try to impress Anika, Shivaay is feeling jealous. Anika tells Dash I liked that person who has gurts to share his feelings. On the other hand, Rundra is upset because Saumya is going to marry Reyaan and both are confused and can’t able to tell their feelings with each other. Anika went her house and see lot od dia’s in her room. She gets happy and asks Sahil you did this? Sahil answered no I don’t do this. Anika started to panic after seeing a doll hanging in her house ceiling.

Ishqbaaz Serial 12 Nov Episode

In the 12 Nov episode of Ishqbaaz serial, Om shouts to Tej and tell him now you show your real face. Right now I am not talking to my Dad, I am talking with businessman Tej Oberoi who has no feelings for relationships. Shivaay asks Om what Happen?? why are you talking like this with Bade Papa, Om said don’t call him Bade papa, he don’t deserve respect. Riddhima comes and says Om Happy Diwali and tell him she buys lights for Diwali. Om throws the gift on the floor and burns the papers and gift. Riddhima gets shocked by Om’s reaction.

Ishqbaaz Serial 11 Nov Episode

In the 11 Nov episode of Ishqbaaz serial, Daksh asks Shivaye to talk with Anika for him. Shivaay says Anika will not going to ready for this, I know her. Daksh says please tell her otherwise I will jump. Shivaay said ok, he call Anika and tell her that Daksh is wanted to marry her. She gets shocked. Some time before, Daksh says Anika is a magical girl, she did magic on me , I love her. She is a perfect combination of beauty and brain. Shivaay says cool down otherwise, you will fall in the pool. Dash says I am fallen in love , why to be afraid to fall in a pool.

Ishqbaaz Serial 10 Nov Episode

In the 10 Nov episode of Ishbaaz serial, When Anika passes by Daksh, suddenly he hold her hand and started praising her beautiful bracelet. Shivaye gets shocked after seeing Daksh holding Anika’s hand. Before all this Tia calls Shivaye and tell him that soon Anika will met with her life partner, Shivaay told her , how can you say that?? Tia said I did reiki and I have this vision. After that Anika makes a Rangoli in Oberoi mention and Dkash steps on it. Anika get shocked and said Fell Gaya Shyapaa. Daksh said sorry to her and started helping her in making or Rangoli.

 Ishqbaaz Serial 8 Nov Episode

In the 8 Nov episode of Ishqbaaz serial, Pandit says Shivaay to call your wife, he holds the hand of Anika and makes her sit along with him. He says she is my would be wife. All family members of Oberoi mention get shocked after listening to this. Some time before, Pinky, Dadi, and Jhanvi talk about the pooja. Pinky inform everyone that pandit Ji’s elder brother will do Pooja because he is not in town. Om, Riddhima, Shivaye and Tia come and wishes Happy Dhanteras to all. Pinky ask where is Rudra, Om tell her that he is on the way.

 Ishqbaaz Serial 7 Nov Episode

In the 7 Nov episode of Ishqbaaz serial, Anika tells Tia that she know about her lie, Tia asks her I don’t understand what are you saying. Anika tells her  Shivaye trusts her, why are you cheating Shivaye. Tia says it is our personal matter, no need to infare. Anika says because we are a friend and can’t see him like this. Tia says don’t dare to cross your limit , you are only an employee of this family. Focus on the wedding preparations otherwise, I will fire you. Meanwhile, Rudra and Soumya argue with each other because they left car key inside the car.

Ishqbaaz Serial 4 Nov Episode

In the 4 Nov episode of Ishqbaaz serial , Rudra sees Soumya in bridal dress and smiles. On the other hand, Anika is trying hard to reveal the face of Tia in front of Oberoi family but she is very smart and always find some causes to hid her lie. Shivaay is busy in her business deal and has no time to understand his feeling for Tia. Pinky is busy in the preparation of Shivaay wedding and also want that Tia and Shivaay will do Pooja of Diwali. But by chance Anika and Shivaay do the Lakshmi pooja together.

Ishqbaaz Serial 3 Nov Episode

In the 3 Nov episode of Ishqbaaz serial, Pinky gives a dress to Tia for puja. She asked about her jwelery. Anika says Tia will wear the one she got in gift from Shivaay. Tia says when did I say that Shivaye baby gave me that gift. Anika says Tia you said this is a personal gift, so i think Billu ji gave send a gift for you. After that Pinky ask Anika about all items of pooja. Anika buy some cushions to sit in the pooja , then Pinky tell her that Shivaay will not sit in this cheap cushions.

 Ishqbaaz Serial 2 Nov Episode

In the 2 Nov episode of Ishqbaaz serial, Pinky is thinking if Shitia does Laxmi puja together then it will good for both of them. Shakti ask who is  Shitia , she reply, Shivaay and Tia. Then Rumi enter in the Oberoi mention and tell them if puja is done by heart and devotion, the Mata Rani will impress with Oberoi family. On the other hane Om is missing Rishima bedly ans wants her back in his life. Om thinks of taking drungs but when he think of his brothers , he throw the drungs on the floor.

Ishqbaaz Serial 1 Nov Episode

In the 1 Nov episode of Ishqbaaz serial , Shivaye says to Anika that since I announced my marriage, you are behaving awkward. She says because now I am started noticing Tia’s activity. Shivaay said this is not noticing, its called doubting. Anika tell him that i am not doubting , I am sure , Tia is hinding something from you. On the other hand Pinky and Tia talks on video call. Tia shows her the wedding dress.

Ishqbaaz Serial on Star Plus

Ishqbaaz Wiki

Ishqbaaz is an upcoming Indian Television serial on Star Plus. All the channels are introducing new serials so now start plus is also set to introduce its new serial Ishqbaaz. The show is produced by Gul Khan and Gorky’s 4 Lions Films. Ishqbaaz serial features Nakuul Mehta, Kartik Bishnoi, Leenesh Mattoo, Twinkle Patel, Surbhi Chandna and Neha Lakshmi Iyer in lead roles. Ishqbaaz serial will be released on 27 June 2016. After one and half year Nakuul Mehta again will see as a lead in Ishqbaaz. The producer first announced the show in the star plus awards with a blastic performance by Nakuul Mehta.

Ishqbaaz Serial Star Cast

Shivaay in Ishqbaaz played by Nakuul Mehta handsome actor and model, who is best  known for his role as Aditya in the television series Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara.

  • Shivaay Oberoi in Ishqbaaz – Nakuul Mehta
  • Omkara Oberoi in Ishqbaaz – Kunal Jaisingh
  • Rudra Oberoi in Ishqbaaz – Leenesh Mattoo
  • Tia Kapoor In Ishqbaaz- Navina Bole
  • Riddhima in Ishqbaaz- Shireena Sambyal (Omkara Girlfriend)
  • Ishana In Ishqbaaz – Vrushika Mehta (Omkara Girlfriend)
  • Anika in Ishqbaaz – Surbhi Chandna
  • Neha Lakshmi Iyer in ishqbaaz – Saumya (Rudra’s Girlfriend)
  • Mallika Kabeer Choudhary In Ishqbaaz – Surbhi Jyoti
  • Zeena Bhatia in ishqbaaz
  • Svetlana in Ishqbaaz – Reyhna Malhotra
  • Tej Singh Oberoi in Ishqbaaz – Mahesh Thakur
  • Shakti Singh Oberoi in Ishqbaaz – Siraj Mustafa Khan
  • Pinky Shakti Singh Oberoi in Ishqbaaz – Nikita Anand
  • Priyanka in Ishqbaaz – Subha Rajput
  • Janhvi in Ishqbaaz – Mrinal Deshraj
  • Sahil in Ishqbaaz – Aryan Prajapati
  • Sundari, Anika’s aunt in Ishqbaaz – Nishi Singh as
  • Madhuri Police in Ishqbaaz – Sheeba Chaddha
  • Dadi in Ishqbaaz –
  • Mysterious Lady in Ishqbaaz – Vishavpreet Kaur- Roop
  • Kartik Bishnoi in Ishqbaz
  • Twinkle Patel in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz cast doing really well in the serial all three Oberoi boss in Ishqbaaz serial cast playing by handsome guys of the industry Nakuul Mehta, Kunal Jaisingh, Leenesh Mattoo. And Ishqbaaz female lead play by Navina Bole, Surbhi Chandna, Vrushika Mehta and Neha Lakshmi. Ishqbaaz is a multistarrer serial people linking the Ishqbaaz serial cast.

Ishqbaaz Female lead, Ishqbaaz actress

Surbhi Chandna, Twinkle Patel, and Neha Lakshmi Iyer are playing the female leads in the serial Ishqbaaz. In the first episode, makers have introduced first heroin of Ishqbaz, star plus Surbhi Chandna who is of the ishqbaaz female leads playing the role of Anika against Shivaay.

Latest Episode Of Ishqbaaz Serial

Star plus serial Ishqbaaz is ready to entertain you. in the starting, all three brothers of Oberoi family are worship to lord Ganesha. Their Grand maa was very excited to watch them together. All three young boys are cousin brother but they have lots of love , care for each other. For more latest update of Ishqbaaz serial stay connected with us.

 Ishqbaaz Serial Song

O jaana Khoya Khoya rehta he ye

Dil Tadap ye kehta he ye

Tu he mere Jine ki wajah..

O jaanaa…..

Ishqbaaz Serial Story / Plot

Ishqbaaz Serial is a story of three brother Omkara, Rudra and Shivaya who belongs from a high class, influential family background. Its a youth based serial in which three brothers are the pillar of their business and very close to each other. Nakuul Mehta will play the role of Businessman , Leenesh Mattoo as the fitness freak and Kartik Bishnoi as an artist. They are totally different from each other and will show you the three angles of life. Ishq Baaz is the single story which comprises three different stories within it. The story of Ishqbaaz seems different and interesting. For more latest news and updates must read our daily updates.

Ishqbaaz Serial 8 October Episode

In the 8 October episode of Ishqbaaz serial , Mr chabbra what to do Roka of Priyanka and Dhruv , Tej said if Priyanka is happy with this relation than don’t have any problem. Means while Gayatri calls Shivaay and tell that i got to know you are searching me madly. Shivaay tell her that soon she will be in lockup and cut the call. After that Priyanka tell Saumya do not think like Soumya , think like love angle. Meanwhile, Rudra came in the room and ask Priyanka about Dhruv.

Ishqbaaz Serial 7 October Episode

In the latest episode of Ishqbaaz serial , Shivaay take Druv in his room to ask about his personal life and about his past relationships. Meanwhile, Saumya inform Anika that Dhruv is not a bad boy , she had a relationship with his friend who is coming along with Dhruv. Anika then go to the Shivaay’s room and inform him that Dhruv is not that boy whom she was talking about. To know more about Ishqbaaz stay tuned with us.

Ishqbaaz Serial 6 October Episode

In the 6 October episode of Ishqbaaz serial , Priyanka is getting ready and whole family missing Tej and Shakti. Suddenly they came and bless Priyanka for her upcoming life. Tej thanked Anika for doing so much for his family and said that she is just like our family member.Meanwhile, boy’s family is reached Oberoi mention to Priyanka but Saumya tell to Anika that this boy is not good , he is play boy and usually paly with the feelings of girls.

Ishqbaaz Serial 5 October Episode

In the 5 October episode of Ishqbaaz serial Shivaay , Anika , Rudra, and Om started searching wall poster so that they can find out the criminal. Shivaay and Anika find out the poster and enter in the house in front of that poster so that they can find CD girl. Girl was there but somehow she mke the fool and left the house trickily but Shivaay and Anika caught her.

Ishqbaaz Serial 3 October Episode

In the 3 October episode of Ishqbaaz serial , Anika tries hard to find one clue which will prove that Tej and Shakti are innocent. Finally, Anika got the proof which will show in a court that Shivaay’s father and Uncle are not a criminal. Meanwhile, Rudra and Omkara ask Shivaay if he is still not sure then he can tell Tia there no force because marriage is not a game. Anika called Omkara and inform him that she find out the clue which will prove that Tej uncle and Shakti Uncle are innocent.

Ishqbaaz Serial 2 October Episode

In the 2 episode of Ishqbaaz serial , Shivaye doesn’t want to go home , he just wants to sit in a car with Anika and wants to talk with Anika. He said Anika “You can go, but I will stay here”. Thereafter Anika left the place. meanwhile, Jhanvi and Pinky is doing the preparation for Shivaay’s wedding. Pinki is quite disturbed when Jhanvi asks her then she said she saw that CD girl than Jhanvi said to her How is it possible because the girl died 5 years back. However, Jhanvi tells Pinky not to disturb herself by thinking baseless thing and focused on her son’s wedding.

Ishqbaaz Serial 30 Sept Episode

In the latest episode of Ishqbaaz serial , Anika prepared beautiful Mandap for Shivaay’s wedding. All family members appreciate Anika’s work but she is not happy from inside. After finishing her work , she is getting ready to go her house than Om said that he will drop her but Shivaay said that he will drop her because he knowns the roads of her house. In the car both shivaay and Anika sit keep quite and than suddenly they started talking at same time. Anika congratulate Shivaay for his marriage ans Shivaay also thanks her for her good work in shot duration.

Ishqbaaz Serial 29 Sept Episode

In the Ishqbaaz serial , Anika and Shivaay are very upset , they love each other , feel for each other but no able to express their feeling because of responsibilities. Whole Oberoi many member started preparation for Shivaay’s marriage but he is not happy because he does not feel anything for Tia and this marriage is just a contract. Rudra and Omkara tells Shivaay just listen his heart and follow it and they are always with him. Meanwhile Anika tells Daadi that she should happy in SSO’s decision after all now he is ready for marriage.

Ishqbaaz Serial 28 Sept Episode

In the latest episode of Ishqbaaz serial , Anika is very upset after seeing the family members of Shivaay’s family. Therefore she went to the Shivaay’s room and tell him that she can do anything so resolve his problems. Shivaay tells her , start my wedding preparation his wedding will be held on tomorrow. Member of Oberoi mention are not happy with Shivaay’s decision. To know more must watch Ishqbaaz only on star plus from Monday to Sunday at 10:00 PM.

Ishqbaaz Serial 27 Sept Episode

In the 27 sept episode of Ishabaaz  serial, Shakti tells Tej that they should go to Vaishnodevi so that they can get some peace. Meanwhile , Anika is very tense for Shivaay and his family and therefore she is not able to sleep and her brother Sahil ask her why she tensed for SSO. Tia enters in Oberoi mention and offers Shivaay some deal which can help him to overtake his competitors business.

Ishqbaaz Serial 26 Sept Episode

In the latest episode of Ishqbaaz serial , Anika convenience Shivaay for Ganesh Visharjan and whole get upset because Bappa leaves the house. Tia put an allegation on Anika that she try to stole her expensive bracelet but Shivaay supported her. After watching this Tia get angry and leave the place. Meanwhile Rudra ask Anika that how she convince Shivaay and tell her that she totally changed him.

Ishqbaaz Serial 24 Sept Episode

In the 24 sept episode of Ishqbaaz serial, we know that Gayatri put an allegation on Oberoi’s family, after listening all these things  Shivaay , rudra and Omkara are in shocked. After that, they refuse to do the Pooja of lord Ganesh Ji and said that they will do all rituals after his father and uncle will return. Dadi tried to convince Shivaay to so Pooja but he refused to do so.

Ishqbaaz Serial 23 Sept Episode

In the 23 sept episode of Ishqbaaz serial, Tej and Pinki tells that all three Oberoi brothers will do all the rituals of Ganesh puja together. On the other hand, Gayatri enters in the Oberoi mention and opened the locker successfully. In the locker, she finds a CD and takes that CD. Meanwhile, all the security member caught her in the Dholak Box.  Gayatri tells Shivaay that now I will spoil Oberoi’s because she has all evidence that they kill her husband. Shivaay is a puzzle and ask her what are you saying. Then she said your family is hiding something big from you.

Ishqbaaz Serial 22 Sept Episode

In the latest episode of Ishqbaaz serial , all the family members of Oberoi family is very excited for Ganesh Chaturthi. Oberoi brothers are brought Lord Ganesh’s Murti at Oberoi mention. On the other hand, Pinki apologizes to Dadi because she thinks that Dadi always takes side of Janhvi. Later, Anika enter in the Oberoi house and ask dadi when will SSO Shadi happen ?? Dadi is also worried because she thinks that Tia is not perfect for Shivaay.

Ishqbaaz Serial 21 Sept Episode

In the 21 Sept episode of Ishqbaaz serial, Shivaay, Rudra and Om discuss about the women’s right and equality to fulfil their dreams after marriage. Dadi tell them about Jhanvi’s sacrifices when Om was born. All are appreciated girls qualities.  Rudra tells that why boys are important for their moms in comparision of bahus. Mom should treat their Boy and bahu equally. Then Shivaay leave the conversation because he has to aatain business meeting. For more updates must watch Ishqbaaz every Monday to Sunday at 10 PM

Ishqbaaz Serial 20 Sept Episode

In the 20 Sept episode of Ishqbaaz serial, We all know that Mallika is happily back in her Bf Rana’s home but she left one letter and bangles for Anika. Anika is very happy after reading Mallika’s letter and now Shivaay read her letter and started staring Anika. Shivaay and Anika started liking each other but not ready to accept this because of their status. Anika’s brother Sahil in back from school tour and she told him that badly miss him. Shivaay is busy in his business meetings and he has no time for his marriage right now.

Ishqbaaz Serial 19 Sept Episode

In the 19 September episode if Ishqbaaz serial Siddharth’s mother tells Mallika that, woman had to sacrifice her dreams, career for her family. Mallika started cries and said that Siddharth, you always take me as a granted, I was never important for you. I am fed up with this relationship in which only you and your work are in priority. Meanwhile,  Tej and Jhanvi come and listening to their conversation.  Mallika started complaining to  Siddharth that you always made me realise that I am used less and never supported me in my hard time. Then Ketki Said I also did MBA from London and I had my career but for my family, I sacrifice it. You should also understand that you have to change your life according to the circumstances. She also said that I want to make a good tuning with my bahu, but on my terms.

Ishqbaaz Serial 29 Aug Episode

In the 29 August episode of Ishqbaaz serial Anika and Shivaay behave nicely with each other. On the other hand Ridhima and Omkara also sort out their problems and doubted on Ishana because misunderstanding in their relationship began when Mala and Bela arrive in their life. Meanwhile Tia is calling Shivaay for dinner but he said that he is busy tonight and make plan for some otherday. Rudra try hard to impress Soumya’s friend but she is not interested in him and soumya tease him by saying cry Baby. In the Ishqbaaz serial latest episode Pinki and Jhanvi is planning for Shivaay’s merridge.

Ishqbaaz Serial 26 Aug Episode

Ishqbaaz serial running successfully on the star plus channel become the top rated serial of the year. Ishqbaaz’s success helps star plus to become the top TRP holder tv channel. Ishqbaaz story taking new turns where 3+3 of them trying to come closer with each other although situations are not very favorable for them but we can’t it when feelings of love overwhelmed  other human emotions. Anika and Shiva closeness may to leads to Tia’s broken heart but it definitely create new interest in Ishqbaaz serial.

Ishqbaaz Serial 25 Aug Episode

In the 25 August episode of Ishqbaaz serial , Anika tries to do friendship with Shivaay but it got angry. Meanwhile, Soumya is upset because she is not able to tie Rakhi to him. Rudra finds a new way to whoop Soumya up.  On the other hand Pinky wants to say sorry to Jhanvi for her misbehavior on Rakhi occasion. Now every is going perfectly right in Oberoi family but soon somthing big is happen in the Shivaay’s life.

Ishqbaaz Serial 24 Aug Episode

In the 24 August episode of Ishqbaaz serial all the family member of Oberoi get tens with the presence of Roop in the house. All are started   arguments and started blaming each other. Anika tells every one that family is very important and you are luck that you have an amazing family. Later, Omkara know about Shivaay’s work and realises that he has wrong and decides to say sorry to Shivaay. Meanwhile every thing is sort out and Omkara and Rudra tied Rakhi to Shivaay because he is every thins for them.

Ishqbaaz Serial 21 Aug Episode

In the 21 August of Ishqbaaz serial , Anika prepare all the costumes and decoration that needed for Rakhshabandhan but she is not happy because she slaped her brother. All the Oberoi family members are enjoing the programe.Soumya is upset because she miss her brother  while Shivaay angry with Anika for neglecting her work. Later, Romi visits in the Oberois mention, while Roop plans to ruin their life.

 Ishqbaaz Serial 20 Aug Episode

In the Ishaqbaaz serial all the Obroi family celebrating Rakhshabandhan in which they have to copy personality of one of the family member. All the members are shocked after open the slip in which names are written. When Shivaay got to know that this is idea of Anika he gets angry and don’t want to play this game. But all family members are force him to play the game then he get ready to play.

Ishqbaaz Serial 18 Aug Episode

In the 18 August episode of Ishaqbaaz Om is really very upset with Riddhima for lying to him and he is not ready to lesteni her any more. Later, Shivaay and Om disscuss their problems. Meanwhile, Shivaay’s mother is worried about the date of his marriage. Rudra is also vex because of prank that Saumya did with him. On the other hand Anika is happy because she finished her all work and will rest on Rakshabandhan.

 Ishqbaaz Serial 17 Aug Episode

In the latest episode of Ishqbaaz serial , all the members of the Oberoi family are very happy. Saumya changed the photo which Rudra select to woo a girl. Rudra is unaware about the changes and started dreamimg about his college hot girl whom he wants to propose. When he went his collage, he get shocked after watching his croped photo. Whole college student started making fun of Rudra and he gets very engry. On the other hand Anika tells Shivaay for her 15 days salary cheque.

 Ishqbaaz Serial 16 Aug Episode

In the 16 August episode of Ishqbaaz serial Anika proved her innocence to Shivaay. Dadi apologizes to Anika on behalf of the whole family and requests her to re join her work. Anika agrees but put certain conditions and the conditions are , Shavaay should wish her good morning every day with smiling face and appreciate her work. Dadi is agree with all her condition but Shivaay has a problem. Meanwhile, Ishana ia making plans to separate Ridhima and Omkara. On the other hand, Soumya and Rudra wanted to take revenge from each other.

 Ishqbaaz Serial 13 Aug Episode

In the Ishqbaaz latest episode , Now all the security plans are constructed under the guidance of Svetlana and she gives the revised security plan to Tej. Omkara decides to help Shivaay to catch the felon who had sold the his dad video to the media. Meanwhile, Shivaay is shocked to find a relevant clue. On the other hand Anika is busy in wedding preparation and whole Oberoi family started liking her because of her loyalty. Shivaay is busy in finding culprit , he has no interest in his wedding preparation.

Ishqbaaz Serial 11 Aug Episode

In the Ishqbaaz serial Shivaay tells dadi that Anika is not an innocent girl , she is very clever and wants to cause harm Oberoi family. Dadi is not believing in Shivaay. Meanwhile, Omkara listens to all the talks of Dadi and Shivaay and try to find out the truth behind all the incidents. Tia is hiding something big and soon Omkara and Rudra will find out the real face of Tia that she is cover with her innocence.

What !! Tia Is Hiding Something From Shivaay

As we all know that after view days, Shivaay and Tia will tie a knot but something is fishy in their relationship because Tia is hiding something from Shivaay and his family. On the other hand, Shivaay has doubt that Anika is not trusted the worthy girl and she is making some plan to cause harm to his family. Now the serial is taking immensely big turn because Tia’s lie will soon reveal.

Ishqbaaz Serial 9 Aug Episode

In 9 August episode of Ishqbaaz serial , Shivaay’s mother pinky help Jhanvi to impress Tej so that they can revive their relationship. Anika and Shivaay fight for no reason. After knowing that Soumya and Romi are childhood friends , Rudra wants to do patch up with Soumya at any cost. He sang her favorite song just to make Soumya happy. And Anika won the bet but only for 20 seconds Shivaay denied to say thank you to Anika again. Omkara tried to convince Shivaay to say thank you. Tia’s mom tried to make her understand that she should be aware of Anika. On Other hand in Ishqbaz serial Ishana come to meet with Omkara and her father and sister tries to stop Ridhima to meet with Ishana and Omkara but they failed and Ridhima entered in the restaurant some how Ishana run away from the restaurant. When after convincing alot by Omkara Shivaay ready to say thanks to Anika Tia come in the scene and ask Shivaay for the dinner in between Shivaay doing his work Tia receive the call of a mysterious man who is waiting for her outside the Oberoi mention she asked Anika to use her code to open the door she opened the door and Tia bring that boy inside in the house but a security person saw that man and alert all the people Shivaay see Anika on the door of Oberoi mention and asked her the reason. Who is that guy? Ishqbaaz serial cast will add one more guy.

Surbhi Jyoti in Ishqbaaz serial cast

Multi starer Ishqbaaz serial cast going to add another popular face of Indian television Kabool Hai fame Surbhi Jyoti. Surbhi Jyoti in Ishqbaaz going to play Mallika Kabeer Choudhary. Mallika is an independent business woman who is running business very well. Surbhi is very much excited for her appreace in Ishqbaaz serial.

Ishqbaaz Serial 8 Aug Episode

Anika in Ishqbaaz serial went to talk with him about marriage but they again started fighting with each other where Anika gave challenge to Shivaay to dissolve the enmity between Saumya and Rudra in a day. Shivaay accept her challenge. If he loss the bet then he will say thank you to Anika.

Ishqbaaz Serial 7 Aug Episode

Ishqbaaz serial 7 Aug episode Tej scolded Svetlana for neglecting her work. Pinky tried to convince Shivaay for his and Tia’s marriage. Tia Requested Anika to talk with Shivaay about marriage. Ishana fakes her identity in front of Omkara to get his sympathy she danced in front of his letter she gave a treat him for a tea. Omkara asked her to join him tomorrow where he will bring Ridhima she got disappointed with Omkara’s worked but agreed in from of him. Love is in the air of Oberoi mention where everyone falling for other knowing or unknowingly. It will interesting to watch all three boys get their true love in Ishqbaaz serial.

Ishqbaaz Serial 6 Aug Episode

Ishqbaaz 6 Aug Episode come up with lots of good moments between brothers. After the fighting couple Anika and Shivaay now one more couple Rudra and Saumya started cold fight that usually becomes wild. Both Shivaay and Omkara teach Rudra about how to treat a girl they said Rudra should accept his mistake apologised in from of Saumya. On other hand Anika teach Saumya how to deal with Impolite Rudra Oberoi. Negetive impact of their lessons to Saumya and Rudra bring their fight to another level where it become wild Saumya throw a glass of water on the face of Rudra. Then to Rudra throw glass of water on the face of Shivaay and Omkara.

Ishqbaaz Serial 5 Aug Episode

In the Ishqbaaz serial latest episode, Riddhima and Tia oppose Shivaay for his rude behavior towards Anika. All family members force Shivaay to say sorry to Anika. Later, Shivaay and Anika accidentally fall on the bad. Anika touches Shivaay’s medicines with dirty hands. Ishana makes another plan to get Omkara’s sympathy. On the other hand Rudra and Soumya ignore each other.

Ishqbaaz Serial 4 Aug Episode

In the Ishqbaaz serial 4 August episode, Shivaay is safely back home and started blaming Anika as she is the reason of every problem that occur in his life. Love is the air of Oberoi mention , Shivaay and Anika started feeling for each other on the other side Rudra and Soumya friendship is started. The whole family is very excited for Tia and Shivaay marriage. Anika is very busy in marriage planning. For latest  updates must watch Ishqbaaz serial.

Ishqbaaz Serial – “Anika to Save Shivaay”

Ishqbaaz serial successfully running show of star plus which is a story of brotherhood three brothers from a rich family can’t live without each other. Currently, in Ishqbaaz serial all these three boys from Oberoi family are in the danger After two deadly attacks on Shivaay and Rudra now again Shivaay’s life in danger he left the house for a business meeting with his chopper but met with an accident. New flashes that chopper has been blasted. But, the next twist is that Shivaay’s enemy Anika will save him in coming episodes of Ishqbaaz serial.

Ishqbaaz Serial 3 Aug Episode

In the Ishaqbaaz serial 3rd August episode ,The Oberoi family start worrying about Shivaay because his chopper disappears. On the other hand, Anika feels guilty and cry in front of Dadi. Later, some security officials arrive in the Oberoi mention  with some important information. Rudra calls all family member to watch some ‘breaking news’ on TV. Reporter confirms that the chopper that was found near Oberoi company is belong to it. After listening this all members get shocked.

Ishqbaaz Serial 2 Aug Episode

In the 2nd August episode of Ishqbaaz serial, Anika is very tensed because Shivaay’s chopper is missing. All family members try to call Shivaay but his number in out of reach. Anika remembers her fight with Shivaay and started crying. Dadi’s friend’s grand-daughter Soumya is going to stay in Rudra room and  Rudra is in a shock when he got to know that Soumya is the guest Dadi was telling about.

Ishqbaaz Serial 1 Aug Episode – Shivaay is Missing

Ishqbaaz serial today’s episode come up with another misfortune where Shivaay is missing he left the house of business meeting in Naasik but didn’t reach there. Anika and Shivaay in Ishqbaaz again start fighting with each other where Anika said she don’t want to see his face again and Shivaay said hope god will listen to her prayer and she won’t see his face again. Tej tell all members of the family about Shivaay missing Anika remember her words that she talked with Shivaay. Will Oberoi family Omkara and Rudra find Shivaay or some tragic happened with him well these questions will be answered in coming episodes of Ishqbaaz.

Ishqbaaz Serial 31th July Episode

Ishqbaaz serial taking very interesting turns every day. Rudra gets minor injured in the attack with his love boy image tries to gain his girlfriend’s sympathy his all girlfriends all very impressed with his charm and care for him. Shivaay and Tej panic about Rudra and Omkara. Anika found her lost element of bracelet but that was stocked in the watch of Shivaay. By searching that she followed Shivaay who don’t want to listen anything from Anika letter explain his last night’s misunderstanding. On otherhand with her weird moment ishana in Ishqbaaz tries to prevent Radhika to meet Omkara. Will she suceed in her planning? That would be answered in coming episodes of Ishqbaaz.

Ishqbaaz Serial 30th July Episode

In the 30th July episode of Ishaqbaaz The commissioner calls Shivaay  that Gayatri’s release from jail. Meanwhile, Shivaay, Rudra, and Omkara attend  the press conference. At the press conference, Gayatri blames the Oberois for her husband’s death and want to take revenge from Oberoi family. Shivaay tried to understand Gayatri but she tries to shoot Shivaay, but Rudra gets shot. After watching Rudra fighting with his life Shivaay gets angry and want to kill Gayatri but his Bodyguard stop him because there so many media reporters and cameras.


Ishqbaaz Serial 29th July Episode

In the Ishqbaaz serial 29th July Episode , Anika by chance enter in the room of Shivaay , on the other hand, Tia wants to spend some quality time with Shivaay. However, Shivaay enters in his room and misunderstands Anika to be Tia. Rudra and Omkar tease Shivaay. Suddenly Tia also comes in the room and asks Shivaay what is happening here. Anika and Shivaay get embraces and explain whole things to Tia.
Ishqbaaz Serial 28th July Episode

In the star plus serial Ishqbaaz Rudra Ignores Sumi and refuses to recognize her in front of Romi. Sumi became his friend when Shivaay was hospitalized. Meanwhile,  Shivaay is very angry with Anika because she spitting coffee on his shirt. Later, Shivaay tells Tej that the police have decided to release Gayatri.

Ishqbaaz Serial 27th July Episode

In the Ishaqbaaz serial latest episode, Anika started thinking about Shivaay and meanwhile Shivaay tell his Dadi that he doesn’t bother about Anika even is nobody in his life. Shivaay aunty Roop again making a plan so that she can mess his wedding. Anika Spills Coffee on Shivaay shirt and he get angry. In the collage of Rudra , he tried to impress on a beautiful girl but fails to impress her. Omkara and Rudra tease Shivaay about Anika.

Ishqbaaz Serial 26th July Episode

Today’s episode of Ishqbaaz serial will get into shock but with an incidence yes, Ishqbaaz serial cast Anika and Shivaay who were better known for their fight now going to share some romantic moments. In between of the arrangement of Shivaay’s marriage light gone switched off and Shivaay unknowing hold Anika from back before Anika understand the things light switch on they both got embarrassed with this incidence. Rudra denied to recognize Soumya, she got disappointed Soumya is also a radio jockey she thinks about Rudra’s behavior but try to console herself. On otherhand Anika and Shivaay again come in front of each other Anika spit of Shivaay’s white shirt Dadi, Om and Rudra panic about Anika what will happen with her??  watch in next episode of Ishqbaaz serial.

Ishqbaaz Serial 25th July Episode

In Ishqbaaz serial latest episode, Anika is busy in the arrangements of Shivaya’s marriage. Shivaya was thinking that he won the battle that was started between him and Anika. But he was wrong because Anika spend all money in preparation of Shivaya’s wedding. Dadi is very excited for Shivaya’s wedding therefore, she wants everything perfect. All Oberoi family are busy in the preparation of Shivaay wedding. Again Anika and Shivaay fight with each other and Omkar and his Dadi are shocked after  watching Anika’s confidence. Rudra’s mom is telling about her marriage and get emotional. Tia is very confused about her wedding venue then finally all family members come to a conclusion that Tia and Shivaay’s marriage functions will be held in Oberoi mention because is there no beautiful place as Oberoi mention is. It will be interesting to watch Anika and Shivaay fight which slowly turned into love. Ishqbaaz serial now taking new turns in the story where on one hand Shivaay going to marry with Tia and at the same time he is attracting towards Anika. Omkara unknowing trapped in Ishana’s plan who gave him two gold bangles to keep it protected Omkara attracting with her cheesy words. Rudra the lover boy of the college dying for the new girl in the college and start trying on her But Saumya come in his path and break his dream. In next episode of Ishqbaaz serial we will see shocking but pleasing romantic moments of Anika and Shivaay.

Ishqbaaz Serial 24th July Episode

Ishqbaaz Serial breaking all TRP records of Star plus channel people liking the characters, story line, camera angles of the Ishqbaaz. Last episode we have seen Shivaay was shocked to see Anika in the house but he is happy with her defeat but in today’s episode of ishqbaaz we will see Anika again defeated Shivaay. Ishqbaaz serial 24 july come with happiness for Anika. Dadi disapeared all her sorrows as Dadi offer her house back and give her blessings. Anika expressed her feelings offcourse deadlier for Shivaay to Priyanka Shivaay got to know about Dadi’s order. Anika impressed everyone of Oberoi family. Goons threaten Ishana for her sister Ishana got a MMS. Rudra says sorry to Anika, Anika starts talking and feeling proud to win on Shivaay. She said she like Omkara and Rudra and wants to take some tips for fitness and glowing hairs. Shivaay comes to talk with Anika. Dadi call Anika to arrange all function’s celebration. Everyone making the list of all ceremonies of Shivaay’s marriage. Ishana in Ishqbaaz running to and fro in search of her sister. Shivaay again start his taunting  on Anika abd making trouble for her But, again dadi saved her. Everyone shocked after seeing how Anika give challenge to Shivaay and coping his style.

Ishqbaaz Serial 23th July Episode

In the last episode of Ishqbaaz serial, we have seen Shivaay defeated Anika but he is not actually very happy with her defeat. But, according to her nature, she cops up with the situation. And the biggest twist of Ishqbaaz serial can be seen in Ishqbaaz 23 July episode where Anika become the event manager of Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s engagement. Shivaay is in the shock by seeing her in his house. Both Anika and Shivaay in Ishqbaaz serial thinking about the incidence that happened with them with a classic savan song “Rim Jhim gire Savan” Ishana thinks about Omkara also memorized her father’s word Omkara also thinks about Ishana and his discussion. All four Ishqbaaz serial cast Ishana, Omkara, Shivaay and Anika express their emotion in the beautiful rainy season. Tia and her mom come to Oberoi mention to discuss about Tia and Shivaay’s marriage. Tia comes to call Shivaay for engagement and tel him about the completion of 72 hours she wanted him to fix the date but Shivaay denied to come as he is busy in to defeat Anika he said can marry her only after his task has been completed. Everybody get into the biggest shock when he said he don’t want to do engagement but Rudra dancing after listening but he completed the sentence he directly wants to marry Tia after listening this omkara and Dadi disappointed with his words. Dadi in Ishqbaaz and Shivaay discuss about Tia dadi said “Hame unke sath nahi rehna chaiye jiske sath hum reh skte he , hame unke sath rehna chaiye jinke bina hum nahi reh skte” he should a Ishqbaaz. Rudra expressed his emotions about Shivaay and Tia’s marriage both Om and Rudra asked Shivaay about Anika and His dinner. Shivaay get shocked after seeing Anika in his house. Dadi said she called Anika to manage the program of Shivaay’s marriage. Dadi appreciated Anika’s nature and beauty Om and Rudra enjoying Anika and Shivaay’s fight Shivaay said she already defeated as she encashed the check before she answered him Dadi Called Anika. Anymore Twist is remained or Anika accepted her defeat. Well,  this questioned will be answered in the next episode of Ishqbaaz Serial.

Ishqbaaz Serial 22th July Episode

Ishqbaaz serial top rated serial of this month increasing curiosity amongst audience with new twist and turns. Anika who challenged Shivaay Singh Oberoi  now completely lost her everything when Shivaay bought her house in Ishqbaaz. She called Shivaay and wants to meet with him both of them meet in the heavy rain Shivaay offered her a check. will she accept the check or Shivaay lost his bet? Well, this question will be answered in coming episode. Ishqbaaz serial 22 July episode come up with lots of emotions Anika called Shivaay to meet her, he is very happy for his victory over Anika’s attitude. Anika standing on the road in the white dress she is looking actually alluring Shivaay come to meet her but unexpectedly Anika says she will never down her head in front of Shivaay Shivaay make her realize that  she is left with nothing tp overcome the situation she has to take his help he offered a blank check to Anika. Sahil’s images come in front of his eyes unwantedly she accept the check Shivaay is very for his victory but Anika broke down. Dadi in Ishqbaaz serial is very upset because of Roop’s deed she is missing her badly Shivaay tell Dadi that she can meet with Bhua Omkara Shivaay and Dadi discussed money and financial crises Omkara memorized his moment with Ishana and Shivaay memorized his moment with Anika. While discussing Shivaay said he is very happy to defeat someone and showed her limits but Omkara make his realise that he is not actually happy. Do Shivaay start feeling for Anika? In Ishqbaaz serial? On other hand Ishana thinking about Omkara she is very impressed with Omkara’s simplicity she told her sister that she don’t want to harm Omkara She is also falling for Omkara? Well, Ishqbaaz serial cast start trapping in the love they start falling for each other but what will happen with Tia and Radhika well, these question will be answered in coming episode.

Ishqbaaz Serial 21th July Episode

Ishqbaaz serial 21 th July episode come up with all new excitement as Shivaay and Anika’s fight take next turn where Shivaay bought Anika’s house from Bhua. Bhua sold the house to Shivaay in 3 Lakhs. In the last episode of Ishqbaaz we have seen new entry in Ishqbaaz serial cast Shireena Sambyal who is playing the role of Riddhima Omkara’s girlfriend in Ishqbaaz serial. Both Omkara and Rudra think about Shivaay an Anika Rudra arranged video calling to see them. In between this Tia enter in their house she started talking with these two brothers both of them convince her to treat Shivaay with her racky therapy. She applied her therapy on Shivaay Om and Rudra start teasing him with Anika’s name. Omkara meet with Ishana who is sitting on the stairs and think about her life Omkara tried to console her. Shivaay put his big term card for creating trouble for Anika in Ishqbaaz. He purchased Anika’s  house from Bhua with 30 Lakh some people start breaking her house while she asked them reasons behind this they make Anika know about Shivaay and Bhua’s deal and if she wants to save her house she has to talk to Shivaay who is the new owner of this house. In Ishqbaaz serial Anika and Shivaay’s fight took deadlier turn now Anika don’t have any other option.

Ishqbaaz Serial 20th July Episode

After facing so many tension finally Anika Gets a Catering Order. Shivaay makes his associate call Anika for a catering order. This is his plan for creating trouble in Anika’s life. Meanwhile, Dadiji is disappointed with her daughter Roop for stealing the diamonds! Everyone like food cooked by Anika. but pasta she made has been over cooked that she served to Shivaay. Shivaay’s employee in Ishqbaaz serial doing things according to his plan when Shivaay’s friend presenting 5 crs. painting to his wife and cutting the cake but because of Shivaay’s deed by mistake she burnt the painting which cost 5 crs. Shivaay star blaming her and want her to back Sartaj’s money. Goons atack on Ishana father Ishana saved her father and say she will repay all the money to them. But, goons say that if they won’t repay their money they will take her and her sister away but Ishana’s father throw glass on goon in between this Ishana got injured. On other side Shivaay failed in his plan as Sartaj let them know that that painting was not real it cost only 50000 and sartaj cut the money from her fees. Anika and Shivaay’s fight goes deadly day by day in Ishbaaz serial Anika challenged Shivaay again.

Ishqbaaz serial 19 July episode

Ishqbaaz serial grabbed the top position in the chart of TRP meter and getting the highest TRP. The story of three Oberoi brothers attracting the attention of Audience. New entry in Ishqbaaz star cast Ishana try to impress Omkara on otherhand Shivaay try to spoil Anika’s life. Shivaay again planned to completely spoil Anika’s life for which he asked his employee to call Anika to trap her, she trapped in Shivaay’s plan. Dadi disappointed with Roop an want her to leave the Oberoi’s house. All Oberois brother happy to see their parent sharing some good moments with each other. Rudra, Omkara and Shivaay shared their feelings where Rudra share his so called relationship funda. Shivaay asked Omkara for his art gallery. As per Shivaay’s plan Anika come at anniversary venue to cook food for guest. Omkara finalized Art gallery Ishana get ready with Piku’s Deepika look to impress Omkara she went to gallery to meet Omkara but at Gallery Omkara didn’t even notice Ishana here the new entry in Ishqbaaz serial Yes, Radhika Omkara’s girl introduced in Ishqbaaz star plus cast Ishana get shocked after seeing them hugging.

Ishqbaaz serial 18 July episode

Ishqbaaz serial Shivaay wants to spoil Anika’s life that first he didn’t give canteen’s contract to Anika then after he bought that Advocate with money. Shivaay becomes the spoiler for Anika as he creating troubles for Anika. After knowing that Advocate has been run away with her money that also planned by Shivaay she not understanding what is happening with her but when she saw Shivaay she got to know that only he is responsible for all this trouble. On otherside jeweller told dadi that all their pushteni Diamonds are not original. Everyone have doubt on Jahnvi because she kept the diamond in safe which cost 20 Crs. Jahnvi got disappointed and want to leave the house but in between all this Pinky reveal the truth of Roop who stolen in real diamond. Everyone one is in the shock Tej blaming Roop and tell her to leave the house. Ishqbaaz serial getting interesting day by day as new love story revolves in air where Ishana the con girl try to impress Omkara after following him she met with Omkara in a dance classroom where she performed a dance for Omkara to impress him but Omkara showed no interest in her. She got disappointed but she decided to make Omkara fall in love with her. In the next episode of Ishqbaaz it will interesting to watch where the Ishqbaaz cast take the serial on new hights. Well, everyone waiting for the next entry of Radhika Omkara’s girl to be added in Ishqbaaz star plus cast. Till, then ready Daily written updated of Ishqbaaz serial.

Ishqbaaz serial 17 July episode

Ishqbaaz serial 17 July episode start with a big shock for Anika where she got to know that Shivaay is the boss of new trustee of college Mr. Mukhajee then their all time fight begins where Shivaay throw a glass of water on the face of Anika to take his revenge. Then, the new entry in Ishqbaaz serial cast Vrushika Mehta who is playing Ishana in Ishqbaaz showed her dancing talent who is a con girl did research on Oberoi family. She defined the family background and who can be easily started by her so she and her father selected Omkara as a target for their next theft. Then Shivaay told Anika that she bought the college and Shivaay start embarrassing Anika then she got to know that she lost everything on the otherhand Omkara travel in local train Ishana start following Omkara everywhere. Anika returned money to Shivaay that he throw on her face before and Bhua took some of the money from that. Omkara walking on streets enjoying the environment Ishana follow him everywhere take snaps of him. Shivaay make Anika remember everything that she told to him before. All three Oberoi brother made food for Jahnvi but she offered that to Tej. Anika give 50000 to Advocate for Sahil’s custody than here is the next slap from Shivaay to Anika as he bought that advocate also. Anika and Shivaay’s fight in Ishqbaaz serial getting more comlicated and deadly what will happen when Anika got to know about advocate’s froud.

Ishqbaaz serial 16 July episode

Now again fight between Shivaay and Anika continuous with next episode of Ishqbaaz serial Anika went to college for her contract. Shivaay threw a glass of water on the face of Anika. Shivaay made green tea for brother Rudra share his love life’s funda. And another secret revealed Omkara also have a girlfriend Ridhima. Shivaay and Omkara start teasing Rudra. Anika got shocked when she got to know that she didn’t get the contract of college’s canteen because of new trustee of the college. Jahnvi discussed Tej about Omkara’s childhood and his life how their fight has changed the life of Omkara in Ishqbaaz. Shivaay asked Tia for delayed in engagement Tia start telling her philosophy. Anika went to meet new trustee of the college for asking about the contract. Omkara again start thinking about his parents and they again teasing Shivaay with Anika’s name and again Shivaay denied and he said he everything forgets about Anika. Anika waiting to the new trustee for three hours. Bhua discussed Pinky about Tej and Jahnvi’s relation and Bhua express her fake care. Anika go and meet with new trustee of the college where she got to know that new trustee of the college is none other than Shivaay Shingh Oberoi. Then Shivaay throw a glass of water on the face of Shivaay. And episode pf Ishqbaaz serial ended with this twist.

Ishqbaaz serial 15 July episode

Ishqbaaz serial grab the position in high TRP makers list. Ishqbaaz star plus 15 July episode will show how small2 fights between Shivaay and Anika take them closer to each other. It will interesting to watch how they fall in love while fighting with each other. in Ishqbaaz serial. In the fight of Anika and Shivaay, Anika said she is not afraid with his Shivaay said to Anika that everything in this world is Salable He said, “First I will buy you, then I will destroy you”. Tej blam Svetlana for releasing that Tap in the media. So, who is behind video reveal here is the secret revealed the biggest villain of the Ishqbaaz serial Bhua (mystery woman) revealed the video in the media. Bhua and Svetlana together planned against Oberoi family. Omkara tried to kill himself Shivaay and Dadi concerned about Omkara. Shivaay angry but disappointed with Omkara for his deed he don’t talk with om but Om tries to convince him. Sundari blaming Anika for Shivaay’s entry. Anika is very happy for her canteen’s contract. Omkara express his emotions with Shivaay as he said after wating that vedio he wanted to run from this situation. Shivaay console him that he is not alone Rudra also tried to cheer him up.

Ishqbaaz 14 July episode

Ishqbaaz serial 14 July again come with new twist where Jhanvi got to know about that video and a big scene has been created in the family. Shivaay again starts blaming to Anika for selling that chip before giving him. Anika and Shivaay start arguing with each other. Ishqbaaz serial getting interesting day by day especially with the entrance of new character in Ishqbaaz cast a con girl who make Om and Rudra fool. All three brothers enjoying food cooked by Shivaay Oberoi Tej scolded Omkara and Rudra for they deed. Tej and Omkara had bad conversation Shivaay stop them and ask to have food together. All three Oberoi Brothers and Tej shared some beautiful family moments. On other side Janvi fant away after seeing the Tej and Savetlana’s video on the news channel. After a huge bad coversation Tej up his hand to slap Janvi but rest of the family members stop them.

Ishqbaaz 13 July episode

Ishqbaaz serial Shivaay Oberoi getting engaged with Tia but destiny wants something else. Shivaay and Anika meet again and again. After returning Shivaay’s chip he gets to know that someone else already used that chip. He asked Anika how much she cost against this chip and they start fighting. In the latest episode of Iishqbaaz serial, we will see that interesting fight. Rudra hurts with the words of Shivaay  and wanted to buy the car today only. He saw someone dealing with his sports car of 1 Cr. He goes and deals with that girl, the girl wearing Burkha sell the car to Omkara and Rudra that sports vintage car is a stolen. Rudra gave her 50 Lakhs without looking at original car’s paper She make them fool. Anika goes in search for that Chip which asked by Shivaay. That Gujarati girl in Ishqbaaz celebrates her victory with her father. And start making the plan to fool Omkara and Rudra again. Omkara and Rudra have been arrested by Police for stealing that sports car then they get to know that girl was a con girl. Shivaay come to the police station to make Om and Rudra free from jail. Anika again arrested by Police Shivaay make her free also. Anika again starts fighting with Shivaay and gave him the chip. Anika trying to reveal Sahil and trying to get tender. Omkara and Rudra discussing for their and show his all time funny talk with Dadi Shivaay pool Rudra’s leg let Dadi know about their deed. Jhanvi watch Tej and Svetlana’s video in the news channel she got hurt. Well, new entry in the Ishqbaaz serial cast will increase the bar of entertainment.

Ishqbaaz serial star cast – New Entry

Yes, you are reading right this multi starer shows Ishqbaaz going to more interesting with the appearance of a new entry in Ishqbaaz serial cast. V channel D3 fame Vrushika Mehta who last appeared in Satrangi Sasural now going to appear in most Popular Indian television serial Ishqbaaz. Vrushika Mehta will play the character of a stylish girl who will gradually fall in love with Omkara. Well, Ishqbaaz serial’s way of showing love and romance is quite different alike Shivaay, Omkara will also trapped between two love options.

Ishqbaaz 12 July episode

Ishqbaaz serial taking very interesting turns where Dadi, Om and Rudra make fun of Shivaay but Om and Dadi trap Rudra. Shivaay ask Priyanka for Anika’s number everyone shocked to know that after seeing Anika to followed by police she runs meanwhile enter fell on her head and left her consciousness she placed herself in the box. Shivaay looking for his chip Anika stand up from the box and landed in Shivaay’s room Anika again left her consciousness and drop in the hand of Shivaay. Ishqbaaz serial’s Shivaay take her to the left and make her rest in his bed. For searching his chip Shivaay take Anika’s bag out from the box. Rudra wants to have a new car Omkar stop him as Shivaay is not well. Tej ask Svetlana for not to reveal that video but Svetlana revealed that video in the media. Omkaar and Rudra teasing Shivaay for Anika and ask for car but Shivaay don’t let boys to come as Anika is in the room and trying to ignore them. Boys think Tia is in the room but after seeing Tia talking with Dadi all of them shocked to know that someone else in Shivaay’s room. Anika shouting of Shivaay for closing her in the box. Shivaay and Anika again start fighting Anika call his “Baghad Billa” Shivaay put his hand on Anika’s mouth. Then most favorite Ishqbaaz serial song star buzzing. Shivaay asked Anika for chip she remembered that she throw that chip.  Omkar and Rudra enter in Shivaay’s room and get shocked  after seeing Anika in Shivaay’s room. Ishqbaaz getting very interesting day by day.

Ishqbaaz 11 July episode

Ishqbaaz serial 11 July episode come with some good news as Shivaay recovering both Omkara and Rudra cheering up Shivaay in the hospital. After seeing them enjoying Saumya enter in their room and Sing a beautiful song for Shivaay. Omkara and Shivaay getting shocked after seeing her. Anika stops aunty to beat Sahil and pack their bags to leave the house. Shivvay discharged from the Hospital Rudra showed his all time funny behavior Shivaay in Ishqbaaz try to receive the call but Om, Rudra, and Priyanka stop him from doing so. Shivaay for Bhua’s back in the house he thinks something went wrong Everyone teasing Shivaay with the name of Anika. After leaving her Aunt’s house Anika goes to her Aunty’s house. Anika wants to adopt Sahil legally. Bhua (Mysterious Woman of Ishqbaaz serial) enters in the Oberoi’s house and showed her fake drama and concern for family to Dadi. Tia showed her classy concern for Shivaay. Shivaay looking for his important chip. Sundari threaten Anika to get back in the house but Anika confidently answer her. Everyone thinks that Anika is a kidnapper Anika run as she think Sudari sent the police and entered in the room Shivaay call the inspector for his Chip inspector let him know that he gave chip to the Anika. Shivaay who try to ignore Anika against have to meet with her in the next episode of Ishqbaaz serial

Ishqbaaz 10 July episode

Ishqbaaz serial cast doing amazing work in the show. In todays episode of Ishqbaaz Doctor treat Shivaay said he is out of danger everyone take sigh of relief. Anika got Sahil’s address and rescue Sahil with the help of some people from goons. On otherhand a stranger again tries to harm Shivaay but cought by the family. Shivaay got his conciousness back Omkara and Rudra try to cheer him up.  Ishqbaaz serial taking new twists in the story.

Ishqbaaz 9 July episode

Second attack on Shivaay. After the entrance of That mysterious woman in the Ishqbaaz cast everyone from Oberoi family is in the danger. She attacked Shivaay for two times. Omkara and Rudra took Shivaay to the office where Doctors tell Omkara that Shivaay is Poisoned, poison entered in his body with a touch and his life is in the danger. Rudra broke down and shared his feelings with Saumya. Omkara let family know about Shivaay’s accident. Everyone waiting for Shivaay in his engagement program got shocked after lsitening about Shivaay. On other hand Anika got to know about Sahil. Anika’s aunt throw him out from the house. Ishqbaaz 9 July coming up with lots of suspemce an drama.

Ishqbaaz Serial 8 July episode

Ishqbaaz serial running successfully or star plus getting highest TRP. In the last episode of Ishqbaaz we have seen severe attack on Shivaay. A bomb blast in today’s episode we will see. In the Serial Ishqbaaz  Shivaay is in the danger. In the last episode of Ishqbaaz, we have seen  Shivaay got save from bomb blast. Tej panic about Shivaay’s security wanted to postpone the engagement of Tia and Shivaay. But Tia mom stops him to do so as they invited everyone for the event. Ishqbaaz serial cast doing really well. Shivaay goes and meets with Anika where again he asks for Sorry from Anika and again she denied. Priyanka ask dadi for Anika’s reveal from jail Dadi call the commissioner to get Anika free from Jail. On other Side Anika’s brother kidnapped by someone who wanted to sold him and make him a begger. After coming out from the Jail Omkara and  Rudra come to take Shivaay on the way Shivaay bump with that Myterious lady who inject something in Shivaay he got collaps. Omkara and Rudra run to save him. Will Shivaay Dies? Well this question will be answered in coming episode of Ishqbaaz.

Ishqbaaz Serial 7 July episode

In Ishqbaaz serial 7 July episode Shivaay asks Anika to say sorry in the pool while taking revenge Shivaay get close with Anika It will interesting to watch will this fight get them closer or increase distance between them. Shivaay calls the police the arrested Anika for illegally entering in his house. Anika got disappointed even in the jail she thinking about her brother Sahil. On another hand Priyanka and other brothers make Shivaay realize his mistake but Shivaay doesn’t want to listen to anything. Someone sent a MMS of Tej and his secretary Svetlana intimate and planning and ask something to hide this. On the other side of the show, the mysterious woman of Ishqbaaz planned a big trouble for Shivaay Oberoi. Ishqbaaz serial the shocking twist where she planted a bomb in Shivaay’s car and attack him. Will Shivaay dead or get save?

Ishqbaaz Serial 6 July episode

In the latest of Ishqbaaz serial , Anika and Shivaay once again strike with each other under the light of stars. One mystery women try to enter in Oberoi mention to harm them but suddenly Anika came in Oberoi house and watch that lady. Then lady starts running after seeing Anika’s shadow. In the 6 July episode of Ishqbaaz all three boys enjoy their love and friendship as well then lights get switched off in between finding the mysterious lady Shivaay met with Anika and ask her to say sorry but Anika denied to that so Shivaay throw her in the pool.

Ishqbaaz Serial 5 July episode

In the 5th July episode of Ishqbaaz serial  Anika throw a glass of water on the face of  Shivaay for insulting her brother Sahil. Shivaay asks her to say sorry but Anika refused his demand. Meanwhile, Janhvi slaps Pinki for insulting her son Omkara and their husbands decide to split Oberoi mention. Shivaay and his dadi see all these dramas and got shocked.

Ishqbaaz Serial 4 July episode

Ishqbaaz serial running successfully on Indian television revealing every new twist in the story. In today’s episode of Ishqbaaz Shivaay somehow reach Anika’s house and ask her brother for tissues but her brother told him to take by his own. But Shivaay called him disabled by hearing this Anika throw water of Shivaay’s face. Bakery owner sends Anika’s cake to Oberoi’s house by mistake Tia got crazy for cake’s taste she wanted to have a similarly flavored cake for her engagement .

Ishqbaaz Serial 3 July episode

Shivaay and Anika getting close to each other Anika wearing the Pink Saree. Shivaay sees her in saree and can’t take aways her eyes from her. Tia got shocked while seeing both Shivaay and Tia together. Pinky making a scene after seeing Anika in the house. Anika become sad and left the house along with Pinky Shivaay also humiliates Anika and got angry, Tia tries to console him but he got angry on Tia also Shivaay disappointed with Priyanka to have a friend like Anika. Shivaay scolded Rudra for replacing and insulting Tia. Omkara and Rudra make fun of Tia and Shivaay in Ishqbaaz serial. After entering in the house Mami also humiliates Anika and through her out from the house. Shivaay canceled dinner with Tia  to go in search of Rudra. Rudra goes in the club and makes fun of a goon in a club. Both Omkara and Shivaay play a prank with Rudra. All goons beat Rudra but Omkara fights with goons to protect Rudra then Shivaay comes on the scene and beat all the goons All three brother together beat all the goon and again we can see the unbreakable bonding of Oberoi brothers in the Ishqbaaz serial. Dadi gives medicines to Rudra she got tensed with the words of Rudra. Anika seat on the road and cry as she hurt with words of Shivaay and Mami.

Ishqbaaz serial latest news – Shivaay’s Girlfriend would be Tia not Anika

Star’s plus new drama series Ishqbaaz breaking the TRP record of the TRP meter. Ishqbaaz running successfully on most watched television channel Star plus. Multistarer serial Ishqbaaz now going to introduced new face in the show Navina Bole who previous appeared in Sab TV show bade door se aae he. Navina will play the role Shivaay’s girlfriend Tia who is a fashionista known for her style of dressing. Well, it is a kind of disappointing for all Ishqbaaz fans as they are expecting Anika to be Shivaay’s girlfriend. Well, we don’t know the Ishqbaaz serial take next turn. One thing is sure that you will definitely get entertained.

Ishqbaaz Serial 2 July Episode

In today’s episode of Ishqbaaz serial we will see Shivaay’s girlfriend Tia’s entery Navina bole will play the role of Tia. Well, we have seen the description of Tia given by Rudra and Omkara in last episode Tia is a fashionista who is really very conscious about Fashion. Tia gidted medicines to Shivaay.

Ishqbaaz Serial 1 July Episode

In the next episode of Ishqbaaz serial Omkara and Rudra talking about Shivaay’s love life. Shivaay who do not believe in true love. Omkara wants him to get his true love he tell him that he will definitely fall in love soon. Anika and Shivaay’s animosity will continue but this time crosses the limits. Yes, Shivaay narrow escape from the accident as Anika sitting on the road after that Shivaay have to stand on the road because buffalo walking from his path Anika and Shivaay had big wild conversation where Shivaay abuses her father and family she got angry in the end of fight Shivaay compare Anika with Cow dung and she throw all the cow dung on his Car. The story of Ishqbaaz taking new twist everyday it will interesting to watch how Shivaay and Anika fall in love with each other. Till that watch 1 July episode of Ishqbaaz.

Ishqbaaz Serial 30 June Episode

After the great decision taken by Oberoi brothers. Everyone is in the shock while watching a man burning badly in the fire nobody know who is that man? what he wants?. Well, Oberoi’s are having the power of money so, Tej and  Savtlana cover the whole news nobody, no media want to say a single word about that incidence. Omkara is very disappointing for covering the story but Shivaay agreed with his Uncle’s decision. Omkara blaming Shivaay for supporting his father Tej for this incidence. For new details of Ishqbaaz keep connected with us.

Ishqbaaz serial 28 June episode

Ishqbaaz the most awaited drama series has been started from tomorrow where Dadi introduced all the characters of Oberoi family and the bonding between three cousins. In today’s episode Anika create trouble of Oberois and Shivaay will again face her. 28 june episode of Ishqbaaz started with the awesome entry of all three brothers who shared some funny and loving moment with each other. Then they meet with their dadi se young sister. They gifted a beautiful picture of their Grand Pa . She is feeling blessed to have grandsons like them. Omkara’s father Mr. oberoi ask Om ko come alone on otherhand Shivaay’s mom ask the both wanted to  their sons to come first and alone. Both Omkara and Shivaay tell their parents about their bond with brothers. In Ishqbaaz Mr. Omkara’s father insulted his mom and Om ask him to say sorry to his mom for his words. Daadi don’t like her child to fight with each other. Rudra started flirting with girls. Then girl starting fight for Rudra. On other side of Ishqbaaz story Anika get to know that she have to visit Oberoi’s house to deliver food. Pinky lied to Dadi that she pick the lotus flower from River but Janvi revealed her truth. Rudra Singh Oberoi get to know about Shivaay and Anika’s fight with a Video that Rudra’s bodyguard show him in mobile.

Here is the another secret revealed that Omkara mom Janvi have rival wife the second wife of Mr. Oberoi. Both brothers talking about some problems in their business. Dadi, Omkara and Rudra make fun of Shivaay’s video that Anika enters in Oberoi’s house to deliver the food. Rudra get shocked to see Anika in the house. Dadi get panic what will happen when Shivaay and Anika in Ishqbaaz face again each other. Dadi and Rudra are super excited to watch them together. Rudra and Dadi bet with each other. Unexpectedly, Shivaay didn’t say anything to Anika. Today’s episode of Ishqbaaz serial ended with secret were somebody wants to spoil Oberoi’s function.

Ishqbaaz Today’s Episode (27 June 2016)

Now most awaited serial is going to be premiere today. Ishqbaaz serial is already in buzz now a days , now wait is going to over today at 10 PM on star plus. You will see a hot dashing trio of Nakuul Mehta, Kartik Bishnoi and Leenesh Mattoo in Star plus serial Ishqbaaz. The Oberoi family is all set to entertain you. Ishqbaaz serial started with a grand puja where all three bother doing Ganesha MahaArti. Then Story flash back before 8 hours where Dadi reciting her love story then She introduced all the characters her two sons one who richest man of the country can buy anything but not relations her wife fully spoiled always be in the influence of alchohal and her younger son always busy in worship the God and his wife Pinky is totally downmarket both son and daughter in laws fight with each other their differences make family break down.

Than Ishqbaaz first pillar elder grand son of the Oberoi family Shivaay who is a business oriented boy come in the story with her love Anika but when they first meet they fight to be in their attitude. Anika is a Simple beautiful girl who can’t see injustice. Both sons fight for their child to become Vaaris of Oberoi’s pedigree. Than the second Pillar of Oberoi family of Ishqbaaz serial who is an artist Omkara come into the picture a sophisticated boy. Who consider his father Mr. Oberoi as father. Then youngest boy third pillar of Oberoi family in Ishqbaaz Rudra introduced with his charm where he love clubing and girls. All four of them waiting for their own elder sons Shivaay and Omkara to come first but what they have seen? Yes, all three boys come together. Who don’t want to leave their bond. All three boys are going to steal hearts of girls of the country they are looking awesome, and dashing. It will interesting to watch the story of Ishqbaaz serial take next turn will they get their  true love. Well all questions to be answered in coming days.

Ishqbaaz Serial starting from 27 June

The most awaited drama series on Indian television channel Star Plus Ishqbaaz ready to hit on the screen from 27 June at 10:00 PM. Ishqbaaz series is going to replace already running serial Tammana. The promos of Ishqbaaz TV serial attracting the audience with three dashing boys raising the heartbeat of girls. People are eagerly waiting to Ishqbaaz serial to get started.

Ishqbaaz serial New Updates

New promos of Ishqbaaz serial has been launched on the Star plus which shows three different characters who can’t live with each other are the part of a renowned family. They are happy with their work and life but change is the only constant, situation make them separated. It will interesting to watch where their story take next turn in the serial Ishqbaaz how they cope up with the situation coming in their ways.

Ishqbaaz Serial Start date

Ishqbaz Serial releasing date is not finalize it but it will sure launch in June 2016. When we got to know the releasing date of Ishqbaar serial we will update you. Ishqbaaz serial starting date has been announced where Ishqbaaz is going to start from 27 June 2016 on Star Plus. The show is going to replace currently running serial Tamanna.

Promo of Ishqbaaz Serial

Ishqbaaz Serial’s official promo is already launched and it is very classy and show the pillars of a show that is three brothers Omkara, Rudra, and Shivaya. The promo it self-gives a clue about the story of the serial Ishqbaaz. Nakul Mehta as Shivaay seen as a big brother , Kunal Jai Singh as Omkara will be going to play second brother (middle one) and Leenesh Mattoo as Rudra seen as a younger brother. All of them looking very hot in the promo.

Ishqbaaz Serial Latest Update

Cool dude Leenesh Mattoo, who is going to play the role of Rudra in “Ishqbaaz serial”, felt embarrassed when he flaunted his muscled body in a pool for the upcoming serial Ishqbaaz and the crowd started whistling while staring at him.

While shooting for the first promo of  his upcoming serial the , he was asked to flaunt his Physics and the build that signifies Rudra and his larger than life personality. But Leenesh felt shy when people near the pool started staring at him. Leenesh  said that “Rudra is flamboyant and lives life on his own terms. He’s a free-spirited boy who loves enjoying to the fullest. And such stares at his body would have been a regular for him, but while we were shooting, it was embarrassing when people were almost whistling and staring at me every time I got out of the pool,”

Ishqbaaz Wallpaper

Twinkle Patel in Ishqbaz

Twinkle Patel in Ishqbaz
Twinkle Patel in Ishqbaz

image of ishaqbaaaz tv seriel

image of ishaqbaaaz tv seriel
image of ishaqbaaaz tv seriel

Neha Lakshmi Iyer In Ishqbaz

Neha Lakshmi Iyer In Ishqbaz
Neha Lakshmi Iyer In Ishqbaz

Surbhi Chandna In Ishqbaz

Surbhi Chandna In Ishqbaz
Surbhi Chandna In Ishqbaz

ishqbaaz female leads

ishqbaaz female leads
ishqbaaz female leads

Nakul Mehta in Ishqbaaz

Nakul Mehta in Ishqbaaz
Nakul Mehta in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz Episode Coming Soon

Ishqbaaz Episode Coming Soon
Ishqbaaz Episode Coming Soon

Ishqbaaz Serial Poster

Ishqbaaz Serial Poster
Ishqbaaz Serial Poster

Leenesh Mattoo in Ishqbaaz

Leenesh Mattoo in Ishqbaaz
Leenesh Mattoo in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz Serial 27 June Episode

Much awaited drama series of star plus Ishqbaaz will be started from 27 June 2016. First episode of Ishqbaaz serial will introduce the characters of the serial.  Where Shivaay is the son of younger brother but elder than other two who is the first vaaris of the Oberoi’s clan.

Ishqbaaz serial new promo

Ishqbaaz new promo has been released which unfold the new page of the story where. Dadi uncover the characters where her sons do not talk with each other and her daughter in laws are fully spoiled they are happy and engaged with their lives. But her grandsons Rudra, Shivaay and omkaar are totally different from their parents. Dadi has all expectations with them and their wives. Ishqbaaz serial definitely a good treat for all drama series lovers.

Ishqbaaz Tv Serial Updates

Ishqbaaz tv serial is going to start from next Monday 27 June 2016 on star plus Ishqbaaz is a youth-oriented story of a high profile Oberoi family which have three young boys Shivaay, Rudra and Omkaar all three boys love each other. It will interesting to watch will money or girls come between their bonding or they continue their love in every situation. Ishqbaaz in the story of brother’s relationship. Ishqbaaz serial definitely going to bring all entertainment ingredients to viewers like emotions, love, romance, bonding, youthfull life and much more you will get from 27 June with Ishqbaaz serial


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