Mazak Mazak Mein

Indian Majak League Episode
Indian Majak League Episode

Mazak Mazak Mein 30th July episode

In Mazak Mazak Mein 30th July serial, All the contestants are performing very well. This time, new teams are going to fight with each other in a comedy sense.

Mazak Mazak Mein 24 July episode

In the first episode of Mazak Mazak mein introduced all the character of Mazak Mazak I cast and the concept of the show where the legends of comedy divided into 5 teams according to different cities of India, In today’s episode of Mazak Mazak, mein Gujarati’s and  Punjabi will fight against each other. Vijesh Hirji and Chandan Prabhakar comment on each other and fight with full of comedy. The concept of this serial is very unique and successfully entertain viewers. Mazak Mazak Mein first episode was very funny and its TRP also goes high. Audience love to watch their favorite comedians in a very different role. We are watching these comedians since many years and aware of his talents. Now it’s really hard to wait for their next episode.

In the second episode of Mazak Mazak Mein Punjabi Fukrey Vs Gujju Gaandas Karishma Kotak welcomes all the judges, Shoaib Akhtar and Harbhajan Singh. She also introduces the teams Punjabi Fukrey and Gujju Gaandas. After that, these two teams started commenting each other in a comedy form. It will be interesting to watch these teams and how pulling each other legs. We all know that SAB TV is very popular for comedy serials but this time Life OK also try his hands in comedy serial and Mazak Mazak Mai is a great start. This  show chooses versatile Indian comedy actors who got huge fame from their previous shows.

Mazak Mazak Mein episode-1 (23 July)

Mazak Mazak Mein first episode definitely make you laugh hard while performers make fun of each other. Harbhajan and Shoaib giving debut with this show Mazak Mazak Mein as judges. All the comedy veterans are ready to fight with each other  in the war of laughter concept of the show Mazak Mazak Mein seems unique and interesting. Mazak Mazak Mein show is definitely a big challenge for already running comedy shows like The Kapil Sharma Show and comedy nights. Life ok show Mazak Mazak Mein  is going to start from today at 8 PM. Awesome laughter series Mazak Mazak Mein has been started from 23 July Saturday at 8 PM on life ok where Karishma Kotak is Mazak Mazak main host she introduced the Shoaib Akhtar and Harbhajan and asked for his Journey from Cricket to Comedy reality show. And introduced all Mazak Mazak me Cast or performers.

Mazak Mazak Mein life ok

With Mazak Mazak Mein Harbhajan Singh debut on Indian television as a judge. After Siddhu now Harbhajan going to judge a comedy show of Life Ok Mazak Mazak Mein. He is very excited to watch this comedy veterans live on the stage performing Mazak Mazak mein is an ultimate comedy series that make to laugh hard. Mazak Mazak mein serial has no limits in this show veterans going to make fun of each other which is going to make you laugh hard. while saying about Mazak Mazak Mein serial Harbhajan saying that all the perform not making people laugh in reel life but also when you meet them they bring a smile on your face. Cricket star Harbhajan holding the judge chair in Mazak Mazak mein with Shoaib Akhtar who probably his enemy on cricket ground but on the stage of mazak mazak mein they are going to laugh together on the judging panel. Harbhajan says he don’t who will win the show but all these performers are already winners.

Mazak Mazak Mein Serial on Life ok

Mazak Mazak Mein Serial Wiki

Mazak Mazak Mein is an upcoming comedy reality show of Life Ok channel their punch line is ‘Sawaal Naak Ka Hai‬ !. Mazak Mazak Mein show is produced by Ekta Kapoor under the banner of Balaji Telefilms. In this newbie serial, all the veteran comedian actors are all set to entertain an audience with their comic skills. We all are familiar with the comedy of this fantastic comedian Raju Shrivastava , Saloni Daini , Chandan Prabhakar and many more. Now all these are coming on Life OK channel to spread Hasi Ke Fuhare in the house of audience. Mazak Mazak main show is very entertaining show and a unique concept is introduced with the help of this show. If you want to refresh you mind after the tiring job of a whole day then must take this refreshing dose in every weekend. In Mazak Mazak Mein comedy serial all the contestants are very versatile and successfully entertain viewers. Raju Shrivastava who is renown comedian , last seen in Kapil Sharma comedy show.

Mazak Mazak Mein Serial Star-Cast

Mazak Mazak me cast /team

Mazak Mazak mein team – Northen Nanune

  • RJ Naved
  • Raju Shrivastav
  • Khyali
  • Goshi Khan
  • Priya Rena

Mazak Mazak mein team – Gujju Gandas

  • Rashmi Desai
  • Vijesh Hirji
  • Arvind Dave
  • Ojas
  • Preet

Mazak Mazak mein team – Punjabi Fukre

  • Chandan Prabhakar
  • Lakshmi Radhakrishnan
  • Jafari Khan

Mazak Mazak mein team – Cebtral Chumbaks

  • Suresh Albela
  • Monika
  • Hemant Vade
  • VIP

Mazak Mazak mein team – Mumbai Puntar

  • Bharat
  • Sagar Karande
  • Pridarshan
  • Atul
  • Meghna Arande

Mazak Mazak Mein Serial Judges

Indian and Pakistani cricket team veterans Harbhajan Singh and Shoaib Akhtar now ready to entertain but in different style are going to judge the comedy show Mazak Mazak mein where veterans of Comedy industry are going to fight against each other.

Shoaib Akhtar

Mazak Mazak Mein Serial Host

Beautiful Karishma Kotak hosting the most awaited laughter reality show Mazak Mazak mein.

Karishma Kotak

Mazak Mazak Mein Serial Story / Plot

This is comedy based show and its main aim is to select the best comedian from different states. Many renown comedians are taking part in this serial like Raju Srivastava , Chandan Prabhakar and many more.

Mazak Mazak Mein start from 23 July

Another comedy series Mazak Mazak mein is going to start from 23 July 2016 which is going to telecast on Life ok channel on Saturday and Sunday at 8 PM. Wait is over now most awaited comedy series Mazak Mazak Mein, which have two cricket legends on the Judges Chair Harbhajan and Shoaib Akhtar going to judge the show where comedy legends going to make fun of each other.

Mazak Mazak Mein Serial Promo

Official promo of Mazak Mazak Mein Serial is already released and this show is very entertaining.

 Mazak Mazak Mein Serial Start Date

Mazak Mazak Mein Serial will release on 23 July , Sat-Sun at 8:00 PM only on Life Ok channel. The most entertaining comedy series Mazaak Mazaak mein is going to start from this Saturday 23 July 2016. Where the comedy legends going to make you laugh hard with their ultimate comic timing. Mazak Mazak Mein comedy serial will telecast on every saturday and Sunday on Life ok channel at 8 PM.

New Promo Of Mazak Mazak Mai serial

The new promo of Mazak Mazak main serial is released , in which Chandan Prabhakar is commenting on UP people. It is very entertaining and full with laughter.

Mazak Mazak Me Wallpaper

Mazak Mazak Mein Episode

Mazak Mazak Mein Episode
Mazak Mazak Mein Episode

Chandan Prabhakar inMazak Mazak Mein

Chandan Prabhakar in Mazak Mazak Mein
Chandan Prabhakar in Mazak Mazak Mein

Harbhajan in Mazak Mazak Mein

Harbhajan in Mazak Mazak Mein
Harbhajan in Mazak Mazak Mein

Saloni Daini in Mazak Mazak Mein

Saloni Daini in Mazak Mazak Mein
Saloni Daini in Mazak Mazak Mein

Shoib Akhtar in Mazak Mazak Mein

Shoib Akhtar in Mazak Mazak Mein
Shoib Akhtar in Mazak Mazak Mein

Vrajesh Hirjee in Mazak Mazak Mein

Vrajesh Hirjee in Mazak Mazak Mein
Vrajesh Hirjee in Mazak Mazak Mein

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