Naagin: The battle of Icchadhari Morni Mayuri & Icchadhari Naagin Shesha!

Madhura Naik shoes
Madhura Naik shoes

As we all know the serial Naagin becomes the most popular show on the television, so here we are with the updates of the last 20th March’s episode of the serial. As we have seen earlier that there is a direct clash between the Naagin and Rithik.

Now, Rithik reminding Shivanya that if she loses her bet than she will leave Rithik and his house. He says he just want that she realize her mistake and does not leave him.

Shesha was meet with her sister Shivanya and handed her a Rithik’s family pic in which Rithik was seen with his real father Maharaja and asks her to show it to Rithik. When Sasha was about to enter the Shivani’s house, she spotted a peacock feather on the floor and in no time she realizes that peacock is in the house, after that she went to Gurudev for consultation.

Naagin: The battle of  Icchadhari Morni Mayuri & Icchadhari Naagin Shesha!

Madhura Naik shoes
Madhura Naik shoes


On the other hand Shivanya was lost the picture of Rithik family. Shivanya was tells Rithik that she accepts her mistake and he is right, so she will stay back here. Somehow Mayuri who is the Ichchadhari morni in Nagin (Madhura Naik) was get the picture and handed it to Yamini.

Shivanya was unable to find the photo. Meanwhile, Yamini comes to her and shows her the picture and now the mastermind of Yamini was make a plan she told Shivanya that Ankush is a criminal and he has killed her brother. She have to marry him to save Hrithik from getting killed. Yamini begs to Shivanya that not to reveal the fact that she is not the real mother of Hrithik, Shivanya happily promises her not to say anything about it.

When Shesha was come to Gurudev he told that the peacock is dangerous than anything for Naagin, he assures her that he is going to make rain outside Hrithik’s house which will make peacock go outside the house. Sasha spotted Peacock on the roof, and their fight started. Mor wins the battle after attacking her neck; she gave her warning to not to kill her otherwise Naagin wouldn’t spare her. Sesha left Mayuri in an unconscious state.

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