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Naamkaran 1 Dec episode

In the 1 Dec episode of Naamkaran serial, Aladin burp in front of Avni , she told him this is bad manners. Aladin is started praising her, she said now don’t waste time, we are getting late. Neela laughs and thanks her for participating in modelling competition. Avni asks how do you know about this , Neela says Sharma Ji called me. In a funny way , Aladin says I m Verma. Neela says to Avni that this is  an opportunity, all the best. Avni smiles and shakes hands with her by saying friends !! and hugs Neela.

Naamkaran 21 Nov episode

In the 21 episode of Naamkaran serial, Neela comes to meet Dayaben, she says that she meet Avni. Dayaben gets shocke and hetal drop the plate in shock. Neela ask everyone what happen?? Dayaben changed the topic, neel says that she is very hungry. Avni’s mother not even ask for water. She tell Dayaben that she want to do something for Avni, she is very bright student and i want to give her schoolarship but her mother refuse to accept this. Neela asks dayaben that She wants her favor . Dayaben says i will do any thing for you just say. She tell her to give a chance to Avni in her fashion show. With the price money her mother can secure her future. Dayaben says I can not promise but I will try. On the other hand Anvi is selected for the fashion show and Ashish congrats her by saying I love you my superstar. Avni goes her home and her tutor told every body that if Avni will won she will win 1 crore rupees. Asha is confused and ask him, how can any body give this huge amount in kids fashion show. Avni’s Nani is also shocked.

Naamkaran 19 Nov episode

In the 19 Nov episode of Naamkaran serial, Avni finished her homework and drink juice. She says, Asha, that shae wanted to go for fashion show selection. Sumi comes in her house and gave puran poli to Asha. She says, Asha, that Ashok’s office is agreed for tiffin service. Asha says thanks to her and says she will star work from today itself. Avni asks her mother Asha why is she doing this, she says I have to do this for home, your study and to fulfill all your dreams. Avni says no need to worry for her studies, I m born old. Both of them started laughings and Avni hugs Asha, saying I love you, mummy, you are the best mummy in the world.

Naamkaran 18 Nov episode

In the 18 Nov episode of Naamkaran serial, Fatima says to Asha if Neela knew the truth what will you do. She said your daughter gives you the courage to got free of 11 years of prison. She says I am proud of both of you and hugs her. Meanwhile, Someone knocks the door, Fatima opens the door, the man standing outside the door holds flower and ask Famita for Asha. She asks him who are you and how you know Asha’s name. He denies to tell anything, Fatima calls Tinku and ask him to throw this man out the house.

Naamkaran 17 Nov episode

In the 17 Nov episode of Naamkaran serial, Avni is getting bored in interviews, Ali says don’t worry I would have answered them. Avni says I want to go home it’s just for today, tomorrow everyone will forget this award , video or anything. Avni says I challenged Dayaben that I will make a big name but now I am afraid how will I become my name big, wish someone advice me. Meanwhile one man who was roaming on the road entering in the award function.

Naamkaran 16 Nov episode

In the 16 Nov episode of Naamkaran serial, Avni is very happy after seeing the award function venue, media and all the arrangements of function. Asha is tensed and afraid to enter in such a big function that Avni holds her hand and signs her to come. Neela comes there and thanks Avni for saving her life. She asks her that I feel there is some connection between us. Avni ask what connection? Neela says that I wanted to talk to you and your eyes are very beautiful. Avni introduced Ashan with Neela, she said you are a lucky mom,  Asha says yes.

Naamkaran 15 Nov episode

In the 15 Nov episode of Naamkaran serial, media is covering Avni and ask her how does she feel after saving Neela. They ask her about their parents. When Ashish sees her pic in news channels and newspaper, he says my superstar. Ali ,Kia, and Avni are happy and says now we are got famous. Shazia told media that Ali was also with Avni, take his interview and Shalu says Kia is my daughter and she is Avni’s best friend. Avni and Asha look at each other and smile. Neela comes to meet Avi but because of media, she is not able to meet Avni.

Naamkaran 14 Nov episode

In the 14 Nov episode of Naamkaran serial, Neela went to the secret place of Avni and Ali. But she went, Avni, Ali, and Kia leave. Neela likes the place and wishes she could meet Avi. She leaves thanking message for Avni by writing  thanks for saving my life, please call me , I want to meet you. Asha open the door and shocked after sees Ashish at the door. Ashish asks won’t you ask me to enter inside. He said I need to talk about Avni, you know she saved Neela from goons!! Asha shocked , Ashish yes that was my reaction when I got to know about all this.

Naamkaran 11 Nov episode

In the 11 Nov episode of Naamkaran serial, Ketan informs Dayaben that Asha is ready to leave the city. She says I knew it, Asha is a very clever girl , she doesn’t love Ashish , she loves his money. Ketal tells Dayaben that at the beginning, she was not ready but somehow I convinced her to take the money and leave the city. Dayaben praises his work and tells him to start all marriage preparations. On the other hand,  Fatima tells Avni that they keep the money for their survival but she refuses to start her life with Dayaven’s money.

Naamkaran 10 Nov episode

In the 10 Nov episode of Naamkaran serial, kidnappers seeing Neela and attack her. She gets faint and takes her in the car. Avni and Ali are talking about how to become popular, he asks her to open a cooking class, Avni calls it a bad idea. On the other hand, Ketan knocks the door of Asha’s house , she opens the door , thinking it’s Avni. Asha asks him what are you doing here?? Ashish is not there , he told her that Ashish is marrying Neela and Maa send money for you and he throw a money a bag in her house. Asha Slap him and said get lost from here.

Naamkaran 7 Nov episode

In the 7 Nov episode of Naamkaran serial, Avni ask her father Ashish to come with her and asks him not to be scared with every one. she will take him to Asha , in his own house. Dayaben tell Avni he will not go anywhere. Avni asks Ashish to say that he wants to come with her. Dayaben insults Asha and Avni in front of Ashish and he never speak a single word. Dayaben  says  that Ashish is going to marry Neela and call Avni Najayaz and no one can change this truth.

Naamkaran 4 Nov episode

In the 4 Nov episode of Naamkaran serial, Avni asking Ali to find his mustache otherwise you will create a new problem. Dayaben asks Diksha to keep all the gift in Ashish’s room, Diksha finds the torn papers asks a servant to throw this gift. Avni, Ali and Kia wait for Ashish outside his house. Avni finds an idea to enter the house so that she can meet her father Ashish. She goes with the kids of orphans in the house and started searching  Ashish, but she didn’t find her.

Naamkaran 1 Nov episode

In the Naamkaran 1st November Episode, Kia tell Avni and Ali that wanted to become their friend, Avni shakes hands and says now we are friends. Ali says no, I don’t want to do friendship with Kia Avni tell him that Miss Mary says we should forgive anyone soon. Riya asks Ashish about wedding card and wants to know his choice about his wedding card. Dayaben call Ashish for dinner , he said I am not hungry,please let me rest.Ashish ask Dayaben that he wanted to meet Avni and Ashish last time please let me go , after that, i will not meet them.

Naamkaran Serial Will Soon Wind up

The Star Plus serial Naamkaran which is based on the life of Mahesh Bhatt was begun with a bang on September 12. The show was running successfully recently it received low TRP. The makers of Naamkaran serial soon wind up the show. It is very shocking that within a month the Naamkaran Serial going off the air.

Naamkaran 24 October episode

In the 24 Oct episode of Namkaran serial, Ali ask Avni is Dayaben really Chudail , she says I don’t know, Nanno says that she is Chudail. Avni is every excited after completing her candy stick house. Kia asks what about marriage, wedding album, pics, do you have. Avni says no, my parents are not married. Kia calls her illegitimate. Avni punches Kia’s face and she falls.

Naamkaran 21 October episode

In the 21episode of Naamkaran serial , Dayaben tells Asha that she will enter in her house only when she drop Avni in Orphan house. According to Dayan Avni in impure blood, Asha tells her that Avni is Ashish’s daughter , she is not Najayaz. Ashish is reached in Avni’s school and she is very happy after watching his car. She introduces him to her friends. When Ashish enter in his house , he found that Asha is upset , he asked her the reason than she told him that I can’t build my house by breaking Dayaben’s house.

Naamkaran 20 October episode

In the 20 October episode of Naamkaran serial, Dayaben crying and thinking that she would not allow Asha to break his house. On the other hand, Avni is very happy as her father spends quality time with her and smiles after seeing the candy stick house. Asha prepared a coffee for Ashish and he kisses Asha. Ashish asks her why are you tensed? She tells him that you should go back in your own house. Ashish tells her fine I will go but never come here again. Is it ok for you?

Naamkaran 19 October episode

In the 19 Oct episode of Naamkaran serial , Avni says that she will go not school by school bus and started taking bath fast. Asha tells Ashish that she did not see her so happy before. Ashish holds Asha close and started staring at her. Ashish is shifted in Asha’s house and he wanted to restart his life with his wife and daughter. Avni is very happy , she feels like her family is completed now. In morning Ashish drops Avni and Ali to their school in his car, Avni introduced him to everyone and on cloud 9.

Naamkaran 14 October episode

In the 14 October episode of Naamkaran serial, Ali asking with Avni shall we ask your Papa about the meaning of Najayaz then she says I don’t know about Papa and where is Papa right now. Then Ali said ok we ask the fish Chamko, if she comes out of the water, it  means your Papa will come. She goes near to the pond and asks Chamko to come out and Chamko comes out. Avni and Ali pass smile and happy because she thinks now his dad will come. Now Avni and Ali is on the way to go home but Ali is very hungry and wants to eat something they, unfortunately, they entered the house of Ashish.

Naamkaran 13 October episode

In the 13 October 2016 episode of Naamkaran serial, Ashok said that Avni is Najayaz and  Ashok and Sumi gets shocked when they saw Avni standing at the door. Sumi asks her when did you come, Avni says mummy is not at home, so I came here to take the keys of the house. Avni is in shocked after listening that she is Najayaz. She doesn’t know the meaning of Najayaz but she knows that this is nor right word. Avni opened the lock of her house and started Najayaz in her notebook when Asha saw her notebook and get shocked. She cries and asks Avni who told this to you. Avni says tell me a meaning of Najayaz.

Naamkaran 6 October episode

In the 6 October episode of Naamkaran serial , Asha is at a phone , talking with Fatima and saying wrong words for Aashish then Ayesha stops her and said no to use bad words for Ashish. Fatima wants to talk with Avni but Ayesha cut the call then Fatima break the glass. Ayesha tells Avni that May be her Dad was in trouble on sports day that’s why is was not able to come to your school. Aasha calls Aashish and said that Avni is not eating any thing , he tell her that he will not come for dinner and due to traffic he cut the call. To know more about Naamkaran serial stay tuned with us.

Naamkaran 5 October episode

In the 5 October episode of Naamkaran serial Ashish and Dayaben argue and than Kia and her parents saw Aashish rude behavior with Dayaben. Kia tell Ashish said Avni says you are his father then Ashish said first I want to meet my daughter because she is hungry. On the other hand, Hemant’s health condition is not good and doctors said he has less time. After lestening that Kia become upset and started crying.

Naamkaran 30 Sep episode

In the Naamkaran 30 sept episode , Hasmukh and Ashish talk with each other at phone , he said to Hasmukh that he tell everything to mom about Aayesha and Avani and she accept them. Hasmukh tell him that finally your 11 years problem is solved and now you can you can live with your love one and daughter Avani. To know more must watch Naamkaran only on Star plus.

Naamkaran 29 Sep episode

The 29 sept Episode of Naamkaran serial starts with Kia asking Avni not dream about winning the race and take her name back  from the race to get saved herself from failure and awkwardness. Avni tells her that she will show you who will gonna win this race. She said to her she already beat her in colony race. Kia tells Avani that her father  won’t come to see her race than Avni show Kia, her father’s flights details.  Dayaben went Hospital to meet Hemant at the hospital and tell him that she wants to do engagement of Neela and Ashish tomorrow. Hemant says I am agreed with you even I also want the same but I am in the hospital  how will I manage. Then Dayaben assure him that she  will do engagement.

Naamkaran 28 Sep episode

In the 28 sept episode of Naamkaran , Ashish is tensed for his Dayaben because she is not picking his call to him and then he called her in the morning. Finally, in the Naamkaran serial Dayaben receives Ashish call and then he says sorry to her. Dayaben asks him, why he hide such a big truth of his life from her. She said” I am your mother and I always understand you. I will make you cock in front of your Asha and Avni”. Ashish says to Dayaben that he was afraid and did not collect that much courage to tell everything to you. After Ashish conversation with his mother , he feels relief and wants to meet his mother as soon as his shooting over. But now Dayaben is hiding something from her son. Now time will tell her planning for Ashish till that must watch Naamkaran.

Naamkaran 27 Sep episode

In the latest episode of Naamkaran serial , Ashish mother went to the house of Ayesha and saw all the photographs of her son and his family. After watching all these things she started to panic and started crying. Ashish called Ayesha and tell her to close all doors and windows. Meanwhile, Avani asks her mother who was that woman and why she look at me like that. Ashish is very tensed because his mother is not in her room and nor pick his call. He does not understand what to do because he is out of town and busy with his shooting which is held in Kashmir.


Naamkaran 24 Sep episode

In the Naamkaran 24 Sept episode , Ayesha prays to God to take care of Ashish and give him a strength so that he can handle all the tough situations. Meanwhile, Ashish’s mother tell Hetal about her childhood story and get upset by remembering her old memories. On the other hand, Avani reaches her nani’s house and said her sorry for her mistake. And she promises her Nani that she will never do that type of mistake again.

Naamkaran 23 Sep episode

Naamkaran episode unveiling the new turns with each coming episode in the last episode we have seen because of his mom Ashish started ignoring Asha badly. In today’s episode, we will see Asha expressed her love for Ashish where she is ready to compromise everything for his love. On another hand, Ashish tells her mom about Ayesha but after seeing her eyes he denies for everything.

Naam Karan 22 Sep episode

Naam Karan serial unveiling the beautiful turns of Ashish and Ayesha’s life Ashish to tries to tell his mother about Asha or Ayesha by writing a letter to his mom. While writing the letter Ashish in Naamkaran start traveling to his past life and remember beautiful memories of their life. Ashish give courage to Asha and get succeed Asha get ready to shoot and even she did her 100% and impress everyone while shooting with each other they fell in love. Their movie becomes a big hit which makes Ashish a successful director and Asha a Superstar which has changed the whole life of Asha and her family. On other hand, Ashish’s mom showing care for her kid. From here the biggest twist of Naamkaran has been revealed that Ashish’s family and her mom hates momedians they don’t want  momedians to enter in their house or their life. Ashish in namkaran gets shocked after knowing this fact that his mom typically hates momedians. Ashish’s friend tell him that he should leave Asha and tried to convince him that there is not scope for their relationship. Ashish got worried after thinking about Ayesha’s religion how he will tell his mom about her. From here and the story takes new turns and all secrets of Namkaran serial has been revealed how they met and why Ashish didn’t tell his mom about his love life. After taking his friend’s advice into consideration Ashish decided to leave Asha. Asha who is unknown about the fact getting worried why Ashish ignoring her.

Naamkaran 21 Sep episode

Naamkaran serial is a very popular serial of star plus and its story is totally different from the other television serials. Every day makers of Naamkaran serial add some twist to hold the interest of viewers. In the 21 sept episode of Naamkaran serial Ashish  write a mail to Dayawanti about his relationship with Asha. While writing mail, he remembers his first meeting with Asha urf Ayesha where, by following his inspiration he completely got impressed with Ayesha not only for her looks but because of her emotions, her individuality, and courage. He cast Ayesha in his next movie but Asha got afraid to do shooting she doesn’t want to work play role. While shooting she can’t even deliver a dialogue everyone started taunting her she got disappointed and tried to suicide but can’t get the courage to do so. Her mom calls Ashish to save her Ashish come and show Asha her capabilities. From where their beautiful journey of love started in Naamkaran serial.

Naamkaran 20 Sep episode

Naamkaran the second most popular series of star plus fetching attraction of audience because of its connection with famous movie maker Mahesh Bhatt. Well, the lead Ashish in Namkaran also a popular movie maker who have secret relationship with Asha and have 10 years old daughter Avni who always curious to know about her existence, her identity. Ashish’s mom Dayawanti fixed his relation with his childhood friend Neela but Ashish still in dilemma how he will tell her mother about his marriage. Will this dilemma results in second marriage of Ashish or he will gather courage to tell his mom about Asha and Avni. Well, these questions will be answered in coming episodes of Naamkaran.

Naamkaran 19 Sep episode

Namkaran serial showing a slow going story where a small girl Avni questions about her life. Mahesh Bhatt’s serial Naamkaran launched with a big note but not attracting a huge audience of Indian television. In the coming episodes maybe this show will show some interesting or entertaining twists.

Naamkaran 18 Sep episode

Avni got injured while fighting with Kia she is sitting in the rain and crying Asha got worried about Avni and start searching for her Avni is very upset with Asha she tries to console Avni both of them eagerly waiting for Ashish to come. He expressed his love for Asha and tries to console Avni. She expressed her feelings and question her father for a normal family. He delayed her shooting schedule for sport’s day meet of Avni. After seeing Avni’s and Asha’s sacrifices Ashish finally decided to tell her about their relationship. It will interesting to watch will Ashish in Namkaran gather the courage to tell her mom or alike past he won’t able to tell her about their relationship.

Naamkaran 17 Sep episode

Naamkaran serial story every day taking new turns Ashish who drives on two boats thinking about his life on one side Asha is preparing food for Avni and on other hand Dayawanti takes Neela in the house and teach her cooking. Ashish feeling sad for his life in Kashmir. Asha’s neighbour, Sumukh teaching Asha the meaning of Namkaran that a relation without a name does not provide any sense. In Ashish’s house Dayawanti giving all rights to Neela. Meanwhile, Ashish is arrested because of beating a man who cheated on her wife film producer, Malhotra gives bail for Ashish. Avni is angry on her friend Ali. Asha tries to console her and refine her mood Avni’s mood got fresh because of the entry of her Nani in a house. Asha in Naamkaran consoles her mother that Ashish will definitely tell him mom about their relation. Later, Dayawanti informs Ashish about his and Neela’s engagement.

Naamkaran 16 Sep episode

Naamkaran serial taking a new twist with every episode Ashish left for Kashmir Asha who was disappointed with her situation talk with Ashish who called her from Kashmir they remembered the days they spend with each other in Kashmir later Dayawanti tells Ashish that she has fixed his marriage with Neela. Disappointed Asha went to her neighbour, Sumukh’s house both shared their feelings for each other. Another hand Avni’s classmate Kia call Avni a looser but her friend Ali defend her. Avni again disappointed and feeling sad because of not having a normal family.

Naamkaran 15 Sep episode

Namakran Star plus serial is a beautiful emotional journey of cute little girl Avni. Asha who deeply in love withAshish feel his presence everywhere. Asha gets ready to meet Ashish on airport before he leaves for Kashmir where Neela come to drop him Asha see Ashish from a distance Ashish also tries to meet Asha but because of security they unable to meet each other. Asha got disappointed with her situation. What next interesting twist will Namkaran Serial come with?

Naamkaran 14 Sep episode

Naamkaran star plus serial which has replaced most popular serial Diya Aur Bati come up with all new concept. The title track and Namkaran lori song got popular amongst the audience. In the last episode, Ashish gives promise tp Asha that he will talk to his mother about their relationship. Dayawanti tells Ashish about her past life and Hemant, who wanted Ashish to get marry with Neela and here the twist come what will Ashish do next for her mother’s wish will he ready to get married to Neela? Break his promise with Asha or he tell his mother about his and Asha’s relationship. It will interesting to watch where Namkaran Serial will take next turn.

Naamkaran 13 Sep episode

Namakaran serial started with a bang as the story of Namkaran serial somewhere related to maker Mahesh Bhatt’s life people excited to know the story. In the first episode, makers have introduced the character in today’s episode Ashish console Asha that he will talk about their relationship with his mom due to her illness he was unable to talk but this time he gives assurance that he will talk to his mother. Avni in Namkaran serial always dreams for a perfect family reminds her father about the sports day celebration in her school.

Naamkaran 12 Sep episode

Most awaited serial on star plus has been started from 12 sep got great love from the audience. Namkaran is a story of little girl Avni who is an illegitimate child who is not acceptable to the society. Avni’s father Ashish is a renowned filmmaker   Ashish is in the relationship with Asha from past eleven years but not able to marry her. Because of this both Asha and Avni have to face society’s questions. This is where the toughest journey of Avni in Namkaran serial to make her name in the world.

Namkaran serial latest update

Namkaran serial has created lots of buzz amongst audience because of the relevancy with famous name of Bollywood industry Mahesh Bhatt. Like other daily soaps, Namkaran also relates to a social issue to the way of representing the issue is all different. Namkaran serial cast having a cute little girl Avni in the lead who created a place in the hearts of people. Other the serial concept, cast and story, Namkaran star plus serial song Aa leke chalu tujhko ek ese desh getting popular amongst audience people liking the music and lyrics of Namkaran serial Lori song. Naamkaran serial is in a buzz because of its touchy story and reveals the bitter truth of Indian Society in which girls are always known by her father or husband name. This new story of star plus will surely entertain the viewers especially all the women.

Naamkaran Serial Song – Aa leke Chalu tujhko ek ese desh me | Naamkaran lori

Watch Namkaran title track sung by music sensation Palak Muchhal. Aa leke chalu tujhko ek ese dekh me is really heart touching Namkaran lori song. Watch Palak Muchhal live performance at Namkaran music launch event. TO watch full song click here

Naamkaran starts from 12 September

Mahesh Bhatt’s new TV serial Naamkaran is telecast on the prime time of star plus channel replacing the most popular show on the Indian television Diya Aur Bati hum. Namkaran will be telecast from 12 September 2016 at 9 Pm every day. On Tuesday Mahesh Bhatt organized Namkaran music launch event where Palak Muchhal gave a live performance of the title track. Watch the show and find out how Avni will get the answer to her question “What does it take for a family to be considered as “Normal”?

Naamkaran Serial Latest Promo

Naamkaran serial new promo has been revealed where Barkha Bisht seems to play a mother who has a cute daughter Avani who is curious to know about everything and put her own logic in everything. In the first promo of Namkaran with her innocence she expressed big things, Avni seems to asked the meaning or Kanya dan where she asked before marriage a girl known with her father’s name and after marriage she known with her husband’s name what about her own name. In the latest promo of Naamkaran, we can see the bonding between Avni and Asha where they sharing their emotions with other Avni singing a beautiful heart touching song to console her mother. With Naamkaran Mahesh Bhatt making his television project. Avni always seeks for her mother’s happiness she asks her father for a normal family.

Naamkaran Serial

NaamKaran Serial Wiki

NaamKaran is an upcoming big budget romantic drama serial of Star Plus, which is produced by Mahesh Bhatt, Guraodev Bhalla, and Dhawal Gada. The trend goes on the new trend of Indian television where renowned film makers try their luck in Indian television industry Mahesh Bhatt now also following the trend he is going to launch a daily soap on most watched television channel star plus with the name of Namkaran Serial. We all know that star plus new serial Ishqbaaz is already receiving highest TRP. Now again Naamkaran will surely entertain viewers by its amazing story line.Namkaran serial expected to telecast on prime time by replacing popular show Diya Aur Bati. Namkaran trailer has been launched on Thursday 11 Aug where Barkha Bhisht playing the lead role of Asha and a little girl showing her excitement with rituals. The new trailer of Naam Karan serial is launched and it is very touchy in which  a small cute little girl aks a question which question is also made all the girls to think. The Question was “Bachpan mai Ladkiya Pita ke naam se jani Jati Hai , or Shadi Ke baad pati Ke naam se to unka Naam Kaha Kho Jata hai”?? This small quetion has much more to say!!!

NaamKaran Serial Star Cast

  • Avni’s father In Namkaran – Viraf Patel
  • Avni (little girl) in Namkaran – Ashwin
  • Asha (Avni’s mother) in Namkaran – Barkha Bisht
  • Ketan in Namkrana – Puru Chibber
  • Neela in Naamkaran – Sayantani Ghosh
  • Neelam Sivia
  • Dayawanti  in Namkaran – Reema Lagoo

Naamkaran Serial Story / Plot

Naamkaran is an upcoming serial of star plus and it is already in buzz. According to the sources, this show is based on the life of romantic filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt. Naamkaran showcases the romantic liaisons and career highs of big screen director –producer Mahesh Bhatt. Model-actor Viraf Patel will play the role of Mahesh Bhatt , he was also featured in Teri Meri Love Story and Ek Boond Ishq. Barkha Bisht will see opposite Viraf Patel in the Naamkaran serial. With the trailer of Namkaran star plus serial story, we can depict that it’s been show the story of a girl Avni.

Shaadi se pehle papa ka naam. Shaadi ke baad pati ka naam. Toh ldki ka apna naam kaha jaata h?

Namkaran Star plus serial Promo

On 11th Aug Star plus has launched the promo of latest upcoming big-budget serial by Mahesh Bhatt Namkaran. In the promo the cute and innocent girl asks the factual and real questions ! 10 Years old Avni enter in the marriage function with her mom Asha where she curious to know about Kanyadan ritual aunt explains to her that in this ritual father give his daughter to her husband, Before marriage a girl knew with her father’s name and after marriage she known with her husband’s name. Then Avni asked what about girl’s name cute little girl tell the big thing in the first Promo of Namkaran serial on star plus.

Watch Star Plus Namkaran promo

Naamkaran serial Wallpaper

Naamkaran HD wallpaper

Naamkaran hd wallpaper
Naamkaran hd wallpaper

Naamkaran Serial images

Naamkaran Serial images
Naamkaran Serial images

Naamkaran Serial pic

Naamkaran Serial pic
Naamkaran Serial pic

Namkaran serial Poster

Namkaran serial Poster
Namkaran serial Poster

Namkaran cast images

Namkaran cast images
Namkaran cast images

Namkaran serial wallpaper

Namkaran serial wallpaper
Namkaran serial wallpaper

Namkaran star plus images

Namkaran star plus images
Namkaran star plus images

Viraf Patel And Barkha Bisht In Naamkaran

Viraf Patel And Barkha Bhisht In Naamkaran
Viraf Patel And Barkha Bhisht In Naamkaran

Barkha Bisht in Naamkaran

Barkha Bhisht in Naamkaran
Barkha Bisht in Naamkaran

Viraf Patel In Naamkaran

Viraf Patel In Naamkaran
Viraf Patel In Naamkaran

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