Nikiten Dheer in Nagarjuna
Nikiten Dheer in Nagarjuna

Nagarjuna 27 August Episode

In the Nagarjuna 27 August episode , Vasuki notify, Arjun about the important stories of Mahabharata related to Agni Dev, Lord Krishna and Arjun. Meanwhile, Babruvahana aspire to bring Arjun back to life with the power of Naagmani. Will Arjun succeed in his mission? It will be interesting to watch new twist and turns in the life of Arjun. To know more stay tuned with us.

Nagarjuna 26 August Episode

In the Nagarjuna serial Arjun decline to accept Babruvahana as his son. On being provoked by Ulupi, Babruvahana fights Arjun and kills him. In the 26 August episode of Nagarjuna serial Arjun is fight with Babruvahana but he kills him. Now Shankhachurna is very happy after knowing that Arjun is no more and killed by his son Babruvahana.

Nagarjuna 25 August Episode

In the 25 August episode of Nagarjuna serial,  Takshak is vexed with Lord Krishna, Agni Dev and Arjun for demolish the Khandava forest. He asks Indradev to fight them, in order to protect Ashvasena. Now Nagarjuna serial taking new twist in which big fight will soon entertain viewer in order to save the universe from evil powers .Will Indradev follow his instruction?

Nagarjuna 24 August Episode

In the 24 August episode of Nagarjuna serial, Vasuki notifies Arjun about the important episodes of Mahabharata related to Agni Dev, Lord Krishna, and Arjun. How under the guidance of Lord Brahma’s , Agni Dev seeks the help of Lord Krishna and Arjun to fight against the wicket  powers.

Nagarjuna 21 August Episode

In the 21 August episode of Nagarjuna serial Arjun tried had to show her Shankhachurna real truth but he fails to win Noorie’s trust. Meanwhile, she gets engaged with Shankhachurna. He enters in the snakes field to destroy the snakes and save Amarauli. Later, Shankhachurna tells Arjun that he is Astika’s son.

Nagarjuna 18 August Episode

In the Nagarjuna 18 August episode , Arjun seeks Guru Sarpacharya’s help to get rid of the snakes from Amrauli. Astika tells Shankhachurna and Mohini to go back to Naglok. Meanwhile, Arjun enters the battlefield to kill all the snakes. Arjun’s life is in denger because there are so many snakes and all snakes are very poisonous.

Nagarjuna 17 August Episode

In the 17 August episode of Nagarjuna serial, Arjun wants to show Noorie the true face of Shankhachurna but he fails to prove to her that Shankhachurna is the cobra. Shankhachurna is very happy to succeed in winning Noorie’s trust and started blackmailing Aslam. Noorie and Shankhachurna decide to get engaged as soon as possible. Will Arjun be able to stop Shankhachurna’s evil thinking ?

Nagarjuna 16 August Episode

In the 16 August episode of Nagarjuna serial, Arjun tries to hide Noorie from Shankhachurna , Yashoda and Maheshwar help him in hiding Noorie. Arjun tries to reveal the truth of Shankhachurna and Mohini in front of Noorie.  Will she accept the truth of Shankhachurna and Mohini ?

Nagarjuna 13 August Episode

In the 13 August episode of Nagarjuna , Arjun is on a mission to save Noorie from Mohini and Shankhachurna , who want to kill her in order to hurt Arjuna. and  Aslam and Tina help him to find Noorie. Shankhachurna gets boiling when Arjun seizure Noorie. A big fight happens between them in which Arjuna is badly hurt.

Nagarjuna 10 August Episode

In Nagarjuna latest episode , Mohini impels Shankhachurna to connive against Arjun. Later, Noorie cites Arjun of killing Baldev and breaks up with him. Arjuna is very confused and tries to solve everything but Shankhachurna always creates trouble in his life. After knowing his truth Arjuna is already very disturbed. Will Arjuna prove his innocence??

Nagarjuna 9 August Episode

In the latest episode of Nagarjuna serial, Arjun whoop at Astika as he hides the secrets of the Naags from him . Vasuki notifies Astika to not misguide Arjun. Meanwhile, Shankhachurna intends to create differences between Arjun and Noorie. Will Noorie able to discover the true face of Shankhachurna ? To know more stay tuned with us.

Nagarjuna 8 August Episode

In the 8 August Episode of Nagarjuna serial Arjun gets relief when Agneya and Tara attack Astika. Later, Arjun gets angry with Astika and demands an answer. On the other side, Nagmaya tells Shankhachurna that Arjun has killed Agneya and Tara and we should kill him as soon as possible otherwise, he will kill us.

Nagarjuna 5 August Episode

In the 5 August Episode of Nagarjuna serial, Mohini wants to kill Arjun and Noorie. Meanwhile, Shankhachurna gives an order to Agneya to   attacks Arjun. Arjun’s life is in danger, Will he survive?

Nagarjuna 4th August Episode

In the 4th August episode of Nagarjuna serial, Vasuki tells to Arjun about the difference of good and evil power. Meanwhile, Shankhachurna is anxious to read Vasuki’s mind and want to know her strategy. Astika concludes that Naagmaya and Mohini are consort against him and Arjun, even as Mohini fakes her concern for him.

Nagarjuna 3rd August Episode

In the 3rd August episode of Nagarjuna serial Maheshwar and Yashoda, parents of Arjun remind him his past. Arjun tries to recall some incidents of his childhood. He knows about his bad spiritual side and asks them about his powers. After knowing his truth of his past Arjun gets shocked.

Nagarjuna 2nd August Episode

In the 2nd August episode of Nagarjuna serial Astika tells Vasuki that he intentionally made Arjun fight Baaz Pret to transform him into Nagarjuna. Arjun’s parents are not ready to accept the changes that occur in Arjun’s body , they get frightened to see the changes in him. His parents decide to tell him about his past.

Nagarjuna 1st August Episode

In the first August episode of Nagarjuna , Arjun and Baldev are badly attacked by Shankhachurna and his partner Mohini. After a big fight with Arjun and Baldev , Shankhachurna is planning for Astika’s murder. On the other hand,  Mohini plans to create mayhem in Amrauli and wants to kill Arjun. Meanwhile, Baaz Pret attempts to kill Astika

Nagarjuna 28th July Episode

In the Nagarjuna 28th July Episode, Arjun is very happy and felt refreshing to meet with his childhood friend, Tina and introduces her to his whole family members. Meanwhile, Noorie went to  Shankhachurna’s house and Arjuna gets shocks with the presence of her in the Shankhachurna’s house. To know more that what is she doing there? must watch Nagarjuna latest episode only on Life Ok channel.

Nagarjuna 27th July Episode

In the 27th July episode of Nagarjuna , Mohini and Shankhachurna are manful to kill Arjun and create havoc in Amrauli. On the other hand , Vasuki tries to inveigle Astika that Shankhachurna and Mohini are their enemies.

Nagarjuna 26th July Episode

Garur is all set for his Deadly Mission Shankhachurna plans in which he want to kill Astika with the help of Garner. On the other hand,  Vasuki wants to help Astika, but she refuses to take his help.

Nagarjuna 20th July Episode

Now Arjun  Transform to Nagarjuna! Shankhachurna terrorizes Arjun that he will ruin Noorie’s life after marrying her. Meanwhile, Astika performs pooja and enchanter some Mantra to transform Arjun into Nagarjuna!

Nagarjuna 13th July Episode

Shankhachurna creates destruction after Seeing Noorie’s concern for Arjun. Shankhachurna  plans  to create a misunderstanding between them. He transforms into a cobra and attacks an innocent. Will the priest’s ritual Zoon off the snakes in Amarauli?

Nagarjuna Serial on Life ok

Nagarjuna Wiki

Life Ok is ready to launch its new serial ‘Naagarjun – Ek Yoddha. Nagarujuna serial is produced by Beyond Dreams Productions, it is well known for the serials like Kuchh rang pyar ke aise bhi, Veera, Million Dollar Girl, Sadda Haq etc.  Yash Patnaik has produced the Sci-Fi Thriller Nagarjun with all new concept where the story begin when Mahabharat ends. Nikiten Dheer well known with the name of Thangbali in Chennai Express doing the main role in Nagarjun. Naagarjun serial is very popular now a days because of its super natural Story.

Nagarjuna serial Story

The story of Nagarjuna serial is based on Super Natural powers. Which is revolved around the male lead(Ayushman Malhotra) a normal human being unaware about his actual truth that he has born in a Ichhadhari Nag’s family But, gradually few incidence happing with him that make him realize that he does not belong from a normal human family. Pooja Barajee who is playing the female lead in nagarjun essaying the role of his childhood friend. Both of them fell in love with each other from their childhood but never expressed their love. Girl hates snake as her family experienced great trouble because of snakes. It will be interesting to watch where their story turned around when she got to know that Male lead belongs from a snake family. New serial life ok Nagarjunan actrees is very beautiful and justify her role very well. Audience like the story of Nagaarujan serial because of its different concept of a story.

Nagarjuna serial Star Cast On the Life OK Channel

Nagarjun life ok serial contain many popular star cast and crew. According to the sources, Nikitin Dheer will go to play the male lead role in the serial Nagarjuna. Nikitin Dheer is well known for his role in Chennai Express thangabali, He is also seen in Color’s serial Khataro Ke Khiladi. Right now the character of Nikitin Dheer in this show is not revealed. Keerti Nagpure also a part of this show, she saw in the serial Desh Ki Beti Nandani and Veera. Anshuman Malhotra is also playing the male lead opposite Pooja Banerjee and Mrunal Jain in Nagarjun playing a Super hero.Nagarjuna ek yodha actor name are revealed by the makers of the serial.The cast of Nagaarjun on life ok  serial are :

Nagarjuna serial Star Cast

Pooja Banerjee
Arjun Shastri in Nagarjuna – Anshuman Malhotra
Vasuki in Nagarjuna – Manish Wadhwa
Mrunal Jain
Mahabali Astika in Nagarjuna – Nikitin Dheer
Pranali (Arjun’s Mother) in Nagarjuna – Keerti Nagpure
Nagdev in Nagarjuna Chetan Hansraj
Kishori Shahane in Nagarjuna – Manasa as Mahabali Astika
Nawab Shah
Manish Wadhwa
Shruti Ulfa

Ajay Kumar Singh

Nagarjuna Episode 1 (31 May 2016)

Nagarjuna serial has been started from Tuesday 31 May, This is a story of a boy Arjun Shastri who is unaware of his actual family orientation who belongs from a Ichhadhari Nag family. In the first episode Pranali gave birth to Arjun meanwhile Arjun’s father Mahabali Astika fight against Nagdev to protect Naglok and he kills nag dev and wins Nagmani and handover the Nagmani to Maharaj Takshak. Vasuki wants Nagmani back. Pranali protects her son Arjun from his father Mahabali Astika.

Nagarjuna: Ek Yoddha serial promo

Promo of the show Nagarjun life ok serial is not launched yet. As soon as Life of released the promo we will update you. Nagarjuna serial will be launched on 30 May 2016 on Life Ok Channel from Monday to Friday at 9 Pm.

Latest Episode of Nagarjuna Serial

Arjun’s aunty stops him from performing the rituals for the pitra puja. Pitra Pooja is done for their forefathers so that they bless the family. Meanwhile, Astika visits Amrauli so that she can find out  Vasuki and Naagmani. He pretends that he is a devotee of Mahadev.

 Nagarjuna Serial 6th June Episode

Baldev is continuously Humiliates Arjun while Astika wants to take Vasuki’s support so that they can get back the Naagmani. Vasuki is concerned about Arjun’s well-fare. Noorie is very disappointed with her dad, Baldev for humiliating Arjun. He asks her to stay away from Arjun.


Nagarjuna Wallpaper

Sanaya Pitheala in Nagarjuna

Sanaya Pitheala in Nagarjuna
Sanaya Pitheala in Nagarjuna

Keerti Nagpure in Nagarjuna

Keerti Nagpure in Nagarjuna
Keerti Nagpure in Nagarjuna

Mrunal Jain in Nagarjuna

Mrunal Jain in Nagarjuna
Mrunal Jain in Nagarjuna

Nikiten Dheer in Nagarjuna

Nikiten Dheer in Nagarjuna
Nikiten Dheer in Nagarjuna

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