Sarabjit Movie Ratings and Reviews

Sarabjit Movie Reviews and Ratings
Sarabjit Movie Reviews and Ratings

Sarabjit movie Ratings – Sarabjit movie Reviews and Sarabjit  movie ratings and reviews Sarabjit is one of the most awaited movie, based on  the real-life story of Sarabjit the Indian farmer and Dalbir  Kaur the sister of Sarabjit, who became a protagonist for Sarabjit. Sarabjit is the story of pain, Hardship, Sacrifice, struggle  and injustice, which is faced by a sister Dalbir  Kaur and his brother Sarabjit. Sarabjit  movie trailer and the poster of this  movie is already released, the trailer of Sarabjit movie already got hit on YouTube more than the 5,826,719 views hit on this video. The strong performance of Aishwarya Rai is liked by so many people, they are very keenly waiting for this movie to come, which is all set to bang on the theaters in the coming Friday on 20th May 2016.

Sarabjit Ratings and Reviews

Sarabjit Movie Reviews and Ratings
Sarabjit Movie Reviews and Ratings

The Astonishing performance of Aishwarya Rai in the movie, who has shouted out her lungs to make his brother Sarabjit out from the Pakistan prison liked a lot from here fans, and the reviews coming out to be so positive from the fans, Randeep Hooda also performed really well in the movie played a leading character of Saravjeet in the movie.

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The Sarabjit story reviews are coming out to be so heart touchy, everyone likes this movie, as this movie shows us  the real struggle of a sister and a brother who has suffered for 23 years, Saravjit movie shows us the impossible Journey of a sister who has fought for his brother.

Review and Ratings of Sarabjit movie – Sarabjit Watch or Not

Positive points of Sarabjit Movie

  • The movie is all about the real life flick.
  • Based on the theme of India and Pakistan.
  • Shows us the real pain of the Indian family which has faced till 23 years, the impossible Journey of a sister and her brother.
  • Sarabjit movie is something new, which really going to touch your heart.
  • Already have so much sympathy for  Sarabjit movie.
  • Specially the India-Pakistan touch in this movie, That will pull you towards the theaters.
  • The astonishing performance of Aishwarya Rai, who pulled her lungs out in the movie, so that her look will look like similar to Dalbir Kaur, and she has managed it very well.
  • All in All it’s totally a watch Movie, if you miss it you will miss a great impossible Story.

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Negative points Of Sarabjit Movie

As far as my views I have not seen any of the negative point in this movie, its totally a complete packet which is going to bang in the theaters on 20th of May 2016.

Sarabjit Review And Ratings – Sarabjit Movie Dialogue Ratings

The movie Dialogues of Sarabjit movie already got  hit the dialogue given by the Aishwarya Rai that” kyun har Hindustani dushman hai aur kyun har Pakistani atankwaadi “ touched the soul of every Pakistani and Indian people, other dialogue given by Aishwarya rai saying that aap logon ko sirf peet par waar karna ata Haipar hum Hindustani kabhi peet dhikate hi nai”. The Aishwarya has given a mind-blowing performance in this movie, and the make up done in this movie is so real that all the characters in the movie looks surreal.

Sarabjit movie ratings:

Srabjit movie is based on the real life a very heart touching story, based on the Indian farmer who has lived his 23 years of life in Pakistan prison and died there only. The movie is getting really a very positive response from the Fans side. The Rating of Sarabjit movie is 4/5 star

Sarabjit Movie star Ratings
Sarabjit Movie star Ratings 4/5

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