“Sita will go for exile with light costumes and jewellery”- Siya k Ram!

Siya ke ram sita
Siya ke ram sita

The Ayodhya’s newly wedded bride becomes so happy to go for Vanwas with her hubby Ram. Hey, Readers don’t take it otherwise we are just talking about the actress Madirakshi, who is playing a character of Sita in the popular show of star plus “Siya ke Ram”.

The actress characterized a daughter in law of Ayodhya and wife of God Ram and we all know the character of Sita is not simple. We always have seen her with donning most beautiful and elaborated costumes with the heavy and authentical  jewellery.

“Sita will go for exile with light costumes and jewellery”-  Siya k Ram

Sita in SIya ke ram
Sita in SIya ke ram


The actress revealed that the weight of the costumes and jewellery is much more than her own weight and it consumes several hours to wear all that things.

She said- “Since the show began, it has taken three hours to get into my look as Sita and believe it or not, most of my costumes weigh as much as me.

Siya ke ram sita
Siya ke ram sita

Especially the lehngas that I am wearing as Ayodhya’s newly wedded bride weighs approximately 25-30 kgs and the entire look put together with the hair and dupattas is equivalent to my weight.

As much as I loved dressing up, I am really looking forward to the light weight costumes and minimal jewellery as it’ll also take me lesser time to get ready.”

But, now the mythological show Siya k Ram will show the most difficult part of the Ram and Sita’s life. As per the upcoming sequence of the show, Ram and Sita will go for exile along with Lakshman. The exile or Vanvaas of 14 years, which is actually the journey that will mark the beginning of Ram and Sita’s true love and dedication for each other.

So, now the actress Madirakshi Mundle will be seen in new avtar in which she will wear light weight costumes and minimal jewellery. Madirakshi said- “The designer did a fabulous job but the weight of the costumes always made it very difficult to walk. I am glad that the ‘Vanvaas’ costumes are light and would not take much time for us to get ready.”

Well, viewers don’t miss the chance to watch the true historical love story of “Ram and Sita” in “Siya K Ram”.


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