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Tere Bin Serial Poster

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Tere Bin 30 September Episode

In the 30 sept episode of Tere Bin serial , Nandini is shocked when Vijaya tell her that she has doubt on Akshay maybe he is dating some other girl. Nandini asks Vijaya that she has been misunderstanding Akshay and she should have faith in her husband. Vijaya said that I caught Akshay with Radhika, in his office. Nandini tried hard to convince Vijaya but she continues to believe that Akshay has cheated on her.  Later she finds a restaurant bill memo in Akshay’s trouser pockets and then her doubts  get stronger.

Tere Bin 29 September Episode

In the Tere Bin, serial Akshay wakes up from his dream and rushes to see his patient Radhika, who suffered a heart attack. Meanwhile, Irrfan pretends that he does not bother about Nandini’s absence in his house but his sister understands that Irrfan is missing  Nandini badly. Meanwhile, Nandini speaks to Lado because she thought she blackmailed her. But then she realizes that Lado does not even have a mobile  phone. Meanwhile, Akshay understands that Radhika is telling the lie and only pretending to have the heart attack. Soon, Radhika wants to run away from the hospital and not want to continue this drama but Ratan stops her and expresses his anger.

Tere Bin 27 September Episode

In the 27 sept episode of Tere Bin serial , Nandini is very angry with Irrfan for his misbehaviour and don’t want to forgive him and then she left the house immediately. Meanwhile, Akshay is busy thinking  about Neeti and suddenly Abhaya enters in his office and thanks Akshay for giving the contract of the cafe to her. Ratan also reaches in Akshay’s office along with Abhaya. After that Nandini meet with Akshaya and complains to him about Irrfan. She also informs Akshay that right now she has no place to live in and expresses her desire to shift her into his house.

Tere Bin 23 September Episode

In the 23 sept episode of Tere Bin serial , Neeti calls Vijaya and tell her  that she is on a date with her grandmother and tell her to join them. Vijaya went Akshay’s office so  that they can go but Akshay was not there. Meanwhile, Akshay reaches Nandini’s office and she is happy to have him there. Nandini tells Akshay about the call of a blackmailer, who is aware of their relationship.  Akshay tells Nandini no need to worry because he knows the name of blackmailer. Nandini tells Akshay  that she loves him very much and  can’t live without him , so  give divorce Vijaya as soon as possible.

Tere Bin 20 September Episode

In the 20 sept episode of Tere Bin Serial Vijaya is getting ready for her date with Akshay but suddenly Ratan came in her home. Vijaya tells him so many harsh words about his character. Akshay reached in the hospital but he is tensed. After some time Ratan came into his cabin and show him the photos in which he is sitting with Nandini. Akshay instantly gets worried and ask Ratan why he is doing this. Ratan tells him that he will show these pitchers to Vijaya. On the other hand, Vijaya’s mother has so many questions to ask Akshay and she has doubt that Akshay has an affair with another woman.

Tere Bin 17 September Episode

In the latest episode of Tere Bin Serial , Akshay tells Nandini that he love his daughter Neeti very much and she will be staying with them after their marriage. Nandini does not agree with Akshay’s decision and tell him not to leave Vijaya for her. Meanwhile, Ratan reaches home and celebrate his victory as he got a proof of Akshay and Nandini’s affair.  Akshay reaches his home with chocolates for his daughter Neeti , after that he talks to Vijaya about his relationship with Nandini .

Tere Bin 29 August Episode

In the 29 August episode of Tere Bin serial Vijaya is very upset with the behavior of Akshay and trys to clear all the things but Akshay has no time to discuss. Meanwhile, Neeti’s grandfather enter in the house , Neeti is very happy to see them. To know more about Tere Bin serial stay tuned with us.

Tere Bin 26 August Episode

In the Tere Bin 26 August episode , Akshay spends some quality time with Nandini so that she can get out of her anger.  Meanwhile, Vijaya is worry because Akshay started telling lying to her and leaving the house. Later, Ratan reaches in the cafe where Abhaya is working and she is not happy to have him at the place. But she however agrees to serve him something to eat but gets upset seeing him behaving badly before the other staff members. Later, Neeti ask Vijaya to call her grandparents and invite them home. However, Vijaya is very upset regarding Akshay and his lies. Meanwhile, Akshay and Nandini prepare to leave but Nandini playfully drives away with the car, leaving Akshay behind.

Tere Bin 25 August Episode

In the Tere Bin 25 August episode,  Vijaya requested, her father and mother-in-law to come inside and meet Vijaya’s mother. Akshay’s mother asks about Akshay wheater he is at home or not. Vijaya tells her  that he is in a meeting and would call him up to ask where he is. However, Askhay’s father says that there is no need to call him. In the Tere Bin serial, Neeti takes her Dadi with her and introduced her meet Jalpari, the golden fish. They are spending  good time and just then Akshay walks in and his father welcomes him. Akshay gets shocked to see him there. Meanwhile, In the tere bin serial  Shabana is like Nandini’s choice of clothes and asks her to join  her for shopping. When Shabana is about to read Nandini’s hand, she gets sad and tells her that someone once told her that she would never get married to the one she loves.

Tere Bin 24 August Episode

In the Tere Bin 24 August episode , Neeti is going with Akshay’s parents therefore, Vijaya’s mother is worried about her and calls up Vijaya to ask if Akshay’s parents to drop Neeti back home by evening. Her mother then asks her to cooked food for Akshay, but Vijaya informs her mother that Akshay is very busy in his work and he had to attend an important meeting and didn’t eat the food. Vijaya tell her mother that they will definitely come in Abhaya’s cafe inauguration to boost up her confidence. Meanwhile, Irrfan and Shabana decide to go out for dinner and they ask Nandini to join them, but she makes an excuse. On the other hand, Abhaya is very happy and excited for the inauguration of her cafe and asks Vijaya to cut the ribbon for it.

Tere Bin 22 August Episode

In the 22 August episode of Tere Bin serial Nandini confronts and Akshay and tell him that she is really upset by his rude behavior. She tells him that moved on in her life and don’t want to create trouble in his life. But unfortunately, they met after break up. Nandini is happy in her life and wants to focus on her career. She knows that Irfaan loves her but she wants to take time so that she can clear Akshay’s memories from her life.

Tere Bin 19 August Episode

In the 19 August episode of Tere Bin serial , Nandini and Irrfan went to the ice cream  parlor, Neeti findings Nandini there, and gets excited. Meanwhile, Vijaya tells Akshay that he had been pleading with Nandini for forgiveness during his semi-conscious stage and hearing this, Akshay gets nervous. Later Neeti reaches home and Akshay is surprised to know that Neeti and her Nani had come across Irrfan and Nandini. Neeti informs her father that she had questioned Nandini if Irrfan was her boyfriend. When Neeti adds that Irrfan had answered in positive, Akshay concludes that this is the reason why Nandini is staying away from him. Watch the entire episode of Tere Bin to know more.

Tere Bin 18 August Episode

In the 18 August episode of Tere Bin serial ,Akshay tells his daughter Neeti that she is very precious person for him and agrees to fulfil her wishes. Nandini listens all the conversation over the phone. Later, Ratan wants to meet Akshay and Vijaya but Abhaya explains to him that it is not the right time to meet them.  Later, Nandini gets ready and seeing her face on a mirror, Irrfan is dazzle by her beauty. Later, Akshay waits for Nandini to talk with her but she ignores him and walks away from the car.


Tere Bin 17 August Episode

In the Tere Bin 17 August episode , Ratan taunts Akshay and asks him what he had been doing at Victoria garden after leaving his office. Akshay get angry and  walks out of the room. Later, Akshay and Vijaya get shocked after listening to Neeti whistling. Akshay starts to wonder how Neeti could have learned the whistle and he is reminded that Nandini also whistled the same tune. Later, Nandini calls up Akshay and asks about his health.

Tere Bin 16 August Episode

In the Tere Bin 16 August episode , Jennifer calls up Nandini but Irrfan Malik pic her call,  Jennifer informs him that Nandini is needed in the hospital for an urgent surgery. Nandini is suffering from a high fever that’s why Irrfan informs Jennifer that she will not be able to make it to the hospital. When Akshay know about the same and he thinks that Nandini is making an excuse in order to avoid surgery. Meanwhile, Ratan reaches home and tells his wife that he is ready to mortgage his home for the sake of money , but hr get shocked when Abhaya arrives his home with the money.

Tere Bin 13 August Episode

In the 13 August episode of Tere Bin serial , Vijaya expresses her dismay towards Akshay, who seems to be having regular mood swings.  Neeti calls up her dad to reminds him of the gift he had promised her. Akshay forgets to buy a gift for Neeti. Meanwhile, Neeti waits for Akshay to arrive and continuously ask her ‘nani’  about her father. Soon enough, Akshay reaches home  with mini piano to Neeti, who is enthralled upon receiving the gift.

Tere Bin 9 August Episode

In the Tere Bin latest episode , Akshay hears Neeti using an abusive word and she instantly apologizes to her father. Later,  Neeti gets excited because Akshay tells her that he will be taking her out to her favorite places and Neeti started making  a list of where all she wants to go. Meanwhile, Abhaya calls up her mother and tell her that Akshay has given him the contract to run the cafe at the hospital. Later, Vijaya suggests Akshay to have a psychiatrist at the hospital and appoint Irrfan as a psychiatrist and Akshay asks Vijaya to give him some time so that he will think on the subject.

Tere Bin 9 August Episode

In the Tere Bin latest episode, Irrfan is very worried about Nandini on the other hand , Akshay is raving to meet Nandini and trying to  contact  her but she is not receiving his call. Nandini is living with Irrfan that’s why Akshay is thinking  that Irrfan is Nandini’s husband. ans assuming that Nandini has moved on with her life. Akshay feels relieved and reaches his home and started shouting at Vijaya when she show her concern towards him. Meanwhile, Irrfan takes  care of Nandini and gets her to her food on time.

Tere Bin Serial 8 August Episode

In the 8 August episode of Tere Bin serial, Akshay feels guilty and calls up Nandini in order to apologize to her for his misbehaviour towards her. But Nandini not receives his call and avoid his call. Nandini keeps the phone down and started scolding Irrfan but she instantly control her anger. calms down. Later, Irrfan tells to Nandini that her sadness  and misbehavior effects the people around her . Meanwhile, Vijaya is worried as she is unable to reach Akshay.

Tere Bin Serial 5 August Episode

In the 5 August episode of Tere Bin Serial , Neeti is eating ice cream with Dr. Nandini, Meanwhile, Akshay and Vijaya come home and Akshay calls out Neeti, but his mother-in-law informs him that Neeti has gone out to eat ice cream with Dr. Nandini. Akshay  gets angry and questions his mother-in-law that how could she let Neeti go with someone like this. He also tells  Vijaya that does not get over friendly with his staff members. Then  Neeti comes home, Akshay shouted on Nandini that asks her how could she take Neeti along with her. Neeti tries to interrupt, but Akshay stops her and gives Nandini money which she might have spent on Neeti.

Tere Bin Serial 4 August Episode

In the Tere Bin, serial Abhaya reaches the hospital and show his concern for Vijaya as she believes that Akshay is raging with her. But Abhaya is very shocked when Akshay offers him a contract to handle the cafe in the hospital but Akshay puts up a condition and doesn’t want that Ratan to be a partner in the contract. Abhaya agrees with Akshaya’s condition. Nandini is already sitting in Vijaya’s cabin and listening all conversation. Nandini does not agree to the praises that are being showered upon Akshay.

Tere Bin Serial 3 August Episode

In the Tere Bin 3 August episode, Akshay and Vijaya are very happy meanwhile Nandini and Irfan enjoying ice cream and talking about their childhood. Nandini is trying hard to avoid Akshay in her life. Irfaan is started liking Nandini but she is unaware of his feelings.

Tere Bin Serial 2 August Episode

In the 2 August episode of Tere Bin Serial Reeti calls up her father Akshay and tell him that she has broken a photo frame. Akshay asks Reeti to clean up the mess. Meanwhile, Irrfan is very upset with Nandini as she talk with him very badly. Nandini, however,convinces Irrfan to change his mood and forgive her for her miss behavior. Later, Abhaya and Ratan reach Akshya’s office and though Akshay is ready to give Ratan the responsibility of the cafe in his hospital. On the other hand,  Ratan started the argument with Vijaya and storms out of the hospital.

Tere Bin Serial 1st August Episode

In the Tere Bin first August episode , Neeti tells her  ‘nani’ and mother about her meeting with Nandini, who had helped her when she had injured her knee. Vijaya asks Neeti to go to sleep and take rest. Later Vijaya speaks to Akshay and tells him about Nandini helping out Neeti and Akshay instantly acts irritated after hearing Nandini’s name. Vijaya asks Akshay that why he get angry after listening Nandini’s name  but when Akshay refuses to speak about it. Vijaya gets upset and leaves the room. Meanwhile, Nandini speaks to Irrfan and questions him that I always try to avoid Akshay but somehow he is always coming in front of her. Irrfan replies by saying that it is in her destiny to be with that person. Later, Abhaya  informs Vijaya that Ratan wants to meet her and Akshay.

Tere Bin Serial 29th July Episode

In Tere Bin serial 29th episode , Akshay hears Nandini’s voice and reminded  his relationship with her. Later, Nandini goes home and seems extremely delightful after knowing that Akshay is still emotionally connected with her. Nandini seems that Akshay is torturing himself with questions and as expected by her, Akshay seems lost in the memories of Nandini. Then he takes out a few letters from his cupboard and started reading the letters, after reading those love letters , he  starts thinking about Nandini and time that he had spent with her. Akshay decides to write a letter for Nandini and star communication with the help of a letters.

Tere Bin Serial 28th July Episode

In the 28th July Episode of  Tere Bin Serial, Akshay and Vijaya are on their way to go their home and listening song on the radio. Again Akshay starts missing Nandini. Later, Vijaya tells Akshay that she had a conversation with Nandini and she tells her one small love story. Akshay understands that this  love story is his story and  gets angry with Vijaya for involved too much with his staff. They reach home, and Vijaya is upset with Akshay’s rude behavior. Meanwhile, Nandini speaks with psychiatrist Irrfan and informs him about a woman crying after narrating an emotional love story. Irrfan said Nandini that this woman may hide some secret. Nandini started wondering about Vijaya and thinking what thing might be troubling Vijaya.

Tere Bin Serial 27 July Episode

In the Tere Bin 27th July Episode , Irrfan suggests Nandini, to control her anger and maintain a diary so that she can pour her anger into the pages of the diary. When Nandini takes out her diary, she reminded Akshay because he had read her diary without her permission. Then she starts writing in the diary about Akshay and pours her anger in it. On the other side, Neeti sees her father Akshay speaking with Nilesh’s photograph and she informs her mother about it. Later, Ratan tells Abhaya to call up Vijaya and inform her about her mom that she is very rude towards them. Abhaya calls up Vijaya but she does not believe her sister and she decides to speak to her mother about this matter.

Tere Bin Serial 26 July Episode

In the Tere Bin latest episode, Doctor being caught in a quandary of love and self-sacrifice. Dr. Akshay’s best friend Nilesh died, leaving behind his pregnant fiancé Vijaya. Feeling a sense of responsibility towards Nilesh, Akshay gets married to Vijaya to protect her self-respect without caring  of his love for Dr. Nandini, Akshay’s kind heart and sacrifice gives Vijaya and her daughter Neeti a new life, but creates a big storm in his personal life which is still in tumult.

Tere Bin Serial 25 July Episode

In the serial Tere, Bin Nandini wakes up in the middle of the night, because think that a thief has entered into her house. She speakingly walks towards the kitchen and got surprised to find Irrfan there. While Nandini breathes in relief, Irrfan continues to tease Nandini. Meanwhile, Neeti is upset with  her mother because she had not fulfilled her little desires. Later Neeti starts  crying before her mother, who tries to console Neeti. Akshay has a look at  photographs of himself with Nandini. He remembers the days spent with her when he had spoken about his desire to become a doctor and then marry her. Akshay comes out of his daydreams when Vijaya enters the room and he instantly tries to hide the photographs.

Tere Bin Serial 22 July

Tere Bin serial attractive the audience attention with its touch of natural characters. In the last episode of Tere Bin serial, we have seen Vijya arranged a formal meeting for Dr. Akshay and Dr. Nandani. Nandani come to the hospital to meet both Vijya and Akshay. Ashay raised his hand to shake with Nandani to greet but she refused and joint her hands to greet him. What will happen in the meeting in tere bin serial.  The secret of tere Bin serial is yet not revealed for what reason Nandani and Akshay got separated.

Tere Bin Serial 21 July

Tere Bin serial running successfully on And tv people liking the matured love story on Akshay, Vijya and Nandani. In tere bin serial 21 July Ashay and Vijya’s daughter Neeti who is the main bond of their relationship shared some beautiful moments with her mom and dad. Unknowingly about Ashay and Nandani’s relationship Vijya call and arranged a formal meeting with Dr. Sinha i.e. Ashay but she said she already meet to senior doctor Sinha but Vijya convince her for the meeting on other side when she asked to Ashay for meeting he said he have trust on her choice and after he ready to meet with Nandani. Ashay and Vijya in tere bin serial discussed about Neeti their daughter who quite similar with her parents. Nandani came for the meeting.

Tere Bin Serial 20 July

Tere bin serial serving complicated human emotions where two people can’t forget their past. Akshay after seeing his past love Nanadani engrossed in the memory of their quality moments. On other hand Vijya panic about Akshay’s sadness. Akshay think about his past life his anger throw out on his daughter he got angry to see his daughter’s love for movies. Vijya and her mother discuss about Ashay’s behaviour her mother make Vijya understand that she should focus on Akshay he is not a father but he is also her husband she should know what happend with her husband. Every memory of Ashay’s past life that he spent with Nandani start flashing in front of his eyes again and again. On other hand Nandani has decided to leave the Mumbai city. What will happen next in Tere bin serial for more update keep read daily updates of Tere Bin serial.

Tere Bin Serial 19 July

Tere Bin serial has been started yesterday which shows a complex mature love story. Tere bin serial showing a beautiful trio love story where Dr. Vijya want to have love from Akshay But he loves Dr. Nanadini who was his first love. Tere Bin serial takes emotional but interesting turns when Dr. Nandani who dont want to meet again with Akshay left the hospital but all past memories start flashing in front of her eyes. When she spent beautiful loving and romantic moments with Akshay in their college days. Nandani called Irfan he tries to cheer her up and make her remember about medicines and shows care for her. On other hand Akshay also engrossed in the past memories that he spent with Nandani. When Nandani tell Akshay about her scholarship but for which she have to leave the country Chicago for two years. Akshay concerned for her he don’t want to live without Nandani. He is ready to leave her for her happiness

Tere bin serial episode -1 (18 July)

Finally, the most awaited incomplete matured love story of AND TV Tere bin serial has been started from today on AND Tv channel at 8 PM. In the first episode of Tere Bin Serial makers have introduced the characters of Dr. Akshay, Dr. Nandita and Vijya all three of them trying to cop up with situations but oon’t get their love back. Tere Bin serial is really intersting to watch that will unfold many secrets in coming episodes. In today’s episode you will see loving moments of Akshay’s life , the show will start on a happy note. After watching promo’s we concluded that it is a incomplete love story but what is the exact story of this serial would be know after watching this serial. SO keep youself free for newly fresh serial Tere Bin. Nandani looking for the job applied in the Hospital where Akshay and Vijya works Vijya gave the job. Becuase of unpresence of Dr. Pathak Vijya asked Nandani for surgery. In the OT Akshay scolded Nandani unknowing by understanding her as Dr. Pathak but then after he saw Nandani and met with her but Nandani denied to make her remember. But, some where he knows that she is Nandani his love. his first love.

Tere Bin serial first Episode

Tere bin serial’s first episode will show a perfect family of Dr. Akshay who have a beautiful wife Vijya and a cute little girl. Dr. Akshay care for his wife, respect her, fulfill her all demands and the sad part of the story is he don’t love her. Vijya who gave eight years of her life with a guy who don’t love her but she still have some hopes to get his love. Dr. Akshay who never forget his first love Dr. Nandani unable to give Vijya all rights of a wife. Tere bin serial’s story creating buzz amongst the audience. Tere Bin serial teaser and promos come up with lots of questions like Will Vijya get her husband’s love? Will Nandani get her past love again? Akshay will choose whom Vijya or Dr. Nanadani? Well, these questions will be answered with first episode of Tere Bin serial on 18 July this Monday. But, amongst this confusion one thing is definite that one from this trio will lost their love, their life.

Tere Bin Serial on And TV

Tere Bin Serial Wiki

Tere Bin Serial is an upcoming serial of &Tv it is a family drama serial based on love and separation.
As the title, it self-reveals a whole story. In this serial boy loves girls and want to marry her but due to some circumstances, he did not marry her. He got married with another girl , the couple has a beautiful daughter in spite of all this he still loves his first love. First love is first love and nobody can take its place. Love is very important for life but there are very few who got their true love.

In life, every relationship plays an important life but there is one person in everyone life who is very special. And first love is first no one can take its place. Tere Bin serial story is exactly told this that no matter how old we are or how many relationship we had but our first relationship will always hind in a corner of our heart. Love is blind , in love partner ‘happiness is more important then anything else. Some one truly Said ” Pyar Koi Khel Nahi Jisme Jeet Ya Haar Ho, Pyar To Vo Hai Ke Jab Aapko Pata Hai Vo Apka Nahi Hai . Fir Bhi Ek Aass Ho”. For More watch Tere Bin Serial.

Tere Bin serial Poetry

“Na chale hote wo char kadam, to Rasta kuch aur hota

Yu sath na chhoda hota uska, to vaasta kuchh aur hota

Hota raha dil yu me malal ke, yu hota to kya hota”

Tere Bin Serial Star Cast

Tere Bin serial a beautiful and emotional love story starring Gaurav Khan and Shefali Sharma in male and female leads respectively.

  • Gaurav Khanna in Tere Bin – Akshay
  • Vijya in Tere Bin – Shefali Sharma
  • Dr. Nandini in tere bin- Khushboo Tawde
  • Nani in tere bin serial – Mahru Sheikh
  • Rohit Bhardwaj in tere bin serial
  • Irrfan in Tere Bin Serial
  • Neetin in tere bin serial

Tere Bin Serial Story/ Plot

The story of Tere Bin Serial is very interesting and fascinating , it is based on unsuccessful love story. The story has both love and emotions. With the latest promos of tere bin serial on And TV  the story is quite depictable where Gaurav Khanna playing the lead male role who have a girlfriend but because of some reasons they separated with other and boy got married with another girl. Years after boy have a settled family with a cute daughter and beautiful wife but he still misses his first love and feel guilty to left her. The story of tere Bin serial will show today’s love story of couples who fail to take their relationship to another level and marry with someone else but their love never left them and pinch them whole life.

Tere Bin Latest news

Khushboo Tawde in Tere bin serial going to play the character of Dr. Nandani. In the latest interview Khushboo Tawde said the character of  Dr. Nandani in Tere Bin Serial inspired by the Deepika Padukone in Piku. Khushboo will play Doctor in Tere Bin serial for the first time in her acting journey. It will be a new experience to play a doctor in Tere Bin serial. She playing the lead opposite to Gaurav Khanna who is also playing the character of Dr. Ashay in tere Bin serial

Tere Bin Serial Promo

Official promo of Tere Bin Serial is already launched and it is very catchy and hope it will entertain viewers with its extraordinary love story. Where Gaurav Khanna showing his emotions his love with the beautiful poetry.

Tere Bin Serial Timing, Start Date

Tere bin serial has been finalized and revealed with the latest promo of the serial that is 18 July 2016. Yes, Tere bin serial will be started from 18 July on And TV Mon- Fri at 8 PM.

Tere Bin Serial Starts from 18 July 2016

Tere Bin serial coming up with all new concept of the show where you will get lots of emotions, love, romance, drama and many other aspects that can entertain you. Tere Bin serial will show the feelings of a wife whos husband love someone else. Tere bin is a story of a Man who left his first love and marry someone else but never forget his first love even after years of his marriage. Tere Bin serial is a complete package of Entertainment that going to start from 18 July 2016.

Tere bin is a matured love story where the character of Akshay in tere bin who stick between his past and present. It is a realistic love story everyone can easily connect the story. Tere Bin story will show the journey of a man Akshay how right personal can take some wrong decisions. Tere bin is a light entertaining show will not show typical Saas Bahu drama.

Tere Bin serial And TV New Updates

Tere Bin serial an incomplete love story of three people Dr. Ashay, Dr. Nandani and Vijya Dr. Ashya who was is the relationship with Nandani left her because of some reasons and merry with Vijya But, even after eight years of married life Ashay and Vijya don’t have wife and husband relationship. But, in tere bin serial Vijya have hopes to get Ashay’s love on other hand destiny bring Akshay and Nandani together again. Akshay who didn’t ever forget his first love and have regret to left her love. Seeing the hopes for his relationship again but his relationship with Vijya stop him from taking the next step. It will interesting to watch Tere Bin Serial what next step he will take will he go for his first love or again left Nandani because of his married life with Vijya. To get answers to this question watch Tere Bin And TV serial from 18 July. Makers of Tere Bin serial taking awesome promotional strategies to promote the Tere Bin. They organized pre-launch event of Tere Bin serial where all three-star cast revealed their characters and show’s story. Makers has created beautiful heart touching poetry for Tere bin Serial.

Tere Bin full launch event – episode 1

Tere Bin serial cast launching event is just amazing where three of them introduced the story of the show tere bin. The story of tere bin serial is inspired by super duper hit movie Silsila which was also a trio love story. Tere Bin serial will explain the ancient thought that no one can replace first love no matter how old or how many relationships you have. Shefali Sharma is very excited for her that would be all new experience for to being a mother in Tere Bin serial. Everyone is being real in the show Tere Bin all the characters will play the natural role what they actually behave in real life. After Diya Aur Bati ham makers come up with TereBin with which everyone can easily connect.

Tere Bin And TV

Tere Bin serial is in Buzz now a day because of its emotional story and heart touching promos. All the Shairies that are depicted in the promo of show are very heart warming. This show will sure entertain new generation because every one has their past and they still miss they past in some moments.

Tere Bin serial Wallpaper

Tere Bin Serial pic

Tere Bin Serial pic
Tere Bin Serial pic

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Tere Bin Serial images
Tere Bin Serial images

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Tere Bin Serial Photos
Tere Bin Serial Photos

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Tere Bin hd pic
Tere Bin hd pic

Tere Bin Episode Coming Soon

Tere Bin Episode Coming Soon
Tere Bin Episode Coming Soon

Tere Bin Serial

Tere Bin Serial
Tere Bin Serial

Tere Bin Serial Poster

Tere Bin Serial Poster
Tere Bin Serial Poster

Tere Bin Episode

Tere Bin Episode
Tere Bin Episode