TOP 7 Television controversies of 2017

TOP 3 Controversies –

1.Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover:

Comedians, Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover had a huge mid-air fight, which took the internet by storm. Kapil Sharma verbally abused and there were even reports that he hit Sunil on a return flight from Australia. Post this fight Sunil left The Kapil Sharma Show and his downfall kickstarted with Sunil Grover’s this exit.

top 7 controversaries

2. Pehredaar Piya Ki banned:

Sony Television’s brand new show, Pehredaar Piyaa Ki hit the headlines for all wrong reasons. The theme of the show, 10-year-old boy romancing 18 year old girl outraged the audience and soon the show was banned and the channel had to pull down it.

top 7 controversaries

3. Piyush Sahdev Molestation case:

Beyhadh actor Piyush Sahdev was accused of molestation. He was arrested for allegedly raping a 23-year-old aspiring actress.

top 7 controversaries


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