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Vikraal Aur Gabraal

Vikraal Aur Gabraal: An Indian television series created and produced by Abhimanyu Singh airing on Star Plus from July 19, 2003 to August 28, 2004, over 44 episodes. The series was a spinoff of the popular horror anthology series Ssshhhh…Koi Hai.

Mamik Singh stars as the ghost hunter Vikraal while his dwarf apprentice “Gabroo” is played by KK Goswami. Mamik Singh was replaced by Salil Ankola in later episodes.

Vikraal AUr Gabraal

Vikraal Aur Gabraal Story –

The series centers around Vikraal, a retired ghost hunter teaching his apprentice “Gabroo”. He is passionate and ambitious to become a ghost hunter himself going by the name of Gabraal. Also wants to know about the different types of ghosts and paranormal entities and ways of catching them.

Vikraal Aur Gabraal

The stories typically deals with the origin, rise and revelation of a supernatural creature. Episodes end with Gabroo expressing his shock over the fact that the ghost still exists.

Cast and Characters –

  • Mamik Singh as Vikraal, a ghost hunter.

Vikraal is a charming yet conservative man, seldom shows his emotions and he hates partying. He is a man with a sense of being all proper and kind, he harbors a soft spot for the affectionate.

As a ghost hunter, Vikraal’s set of weaponry includes: a Magic ring which can emit rays to annihilate evil spirits, special arrows fitted in a Crossbow to hunt down ghost & ghouls, a shredder glaive, a long whip (given to him by the spirit of his deceased father), a knife, a kentucky pistol (before that he had a silver M92) and whenever he visits a haunted place if finds anything suspicious he switched his wearing spectacle with a red lensed spectacle for enhancing the visibility of anything supernatural. His area of operation typically includes old castles, haunted mansions, graveyards, crypts, crematorium and other likely supernatural breeding grounds.

  • KK Goswami as “Gabroo”, Vikraal’s dwarf apprentice

Gabroo serves as a comic relief for the series. His love for a girl named Lily often causes nuisance for Vikraal. He grows ever more ambitious to become a ghost hunter himself going by the name of Gabraal.

Vikraal Aur Gabraal

But his false bravado always gives away to his cowardly self. Gabroo collects gold coins in return for doing chores.

Vikraal Aur Gabraal


Vikraal Aur Gabraal


Vikraal Aur Gabraal