Actor Vishal Thakkar From Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. Missing Since 3 Years

Vishal Thakkar

Vishal Thakkar: Munna Bhai M.B.B.S was a special film and we remember almost every actor from the film even if they had a small role. So most of us will also know Vishal Thakkar, the actor who played the role of a patient who tried to commit suicide after breaking up with his girlfriend. The actor has been missing for almost three years now.

Vishal Thakkar

Vishal Thakkar’s character in the film had also inspired the quirky track ‘Chaila kya surat thi’. As per the report, his mother last saw him on December 31, 2015. Vishal had borrowed Rs 500 from his mother to watch a film on December 31, 2015 which she declined. Later that evening he texted his father saying that he was heading for a New Year’s party and will return the next day.

However, since then, Vishal hasn’t returned home and there has been no information about his missing. Vishal has completely disappeared. His phone is switched off. No ransom call was made. Even his bank account has shown no activity since he went missing.

Police revealed that Vishal was last seen on Ghodbunder Road in Thane on January 1 at 11.45 am with his girlfriend, as he got into an autorickshaw to Andheri for a shoot. The police have also investigated his girlfriend but there are reportedly no discrepancies in her statement. His last Facebook post was “Happy New Year”, which was posted at 12:10 pm.

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