Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai | Naira forgets about her wedding !!

As Naira gets upset when she remembers about her surgery to be done after their wedding. Kartik comes with an apron and stethoscope saying that he is Dr. Kartik. Naira asks him in which disease he is specialised in. He asks her about the ailments she has. Naira says there are lot many issues as she is getting very bored, there is irritation and she is also scared. She also says that there is one person who is her would be husband who makes her more bore.

So Kartik says that he should start with her would be husband. Naira also agrees with it. She asks him to give many injections to her would be husband so that he will no more be a boring person. Kartik feels that the injections should remove all his worries and fears about Naira’s health. She asks him to give the most strongest injection to her would be husband. Kartik also says in his mind that he should be given such an injection which will make him strong for tomorrow.

In the next scene, Manish notices that Naitik is still very worried. He asks Naitik about it. Naitik asks him if he has some chocolates as he forgot his medicines. Manish understands that he is getting panic attacks. Naitik tells him that he is trying to pull himself but for that he needs to be brave. So Manish asks him whether he needs some sweets for that. Naitik says that he will get the courage from his family but there are few things in life which breaks us down. Manish tells him that he can understand him as he has also gone through such situations in life. He asks Naitik to come with him as he will give him some chocolates.

In the hospital, Naira and Kartik spend some good time with each other forgetting all the worries. On the other side, Akhilesh is looking into some urgent matter of the office. If no action is taken on that then he feels that the company may suffer a huge loss. His wife says that all are tensed for Naira including Akhilesh. But Akhilesh feels that someone has to take the responsibility so he is taking it. His wife is upset with that as no one comes to know about it as he never let them know. She goes to make coffee for him.

Akhilesh says that he will talk to Manish once Naira’s surgery is done successfully and Kartik & Naira comes back home. Manish hears that and he asks Akhilesh about what he wants to talk to him. He tries not to discuss what he actually wants to say. He tells Manish that he is looking in to the Chennai issue but he will talk to their manager about it. Manish appreciates for being there for him. He asks Akhilesh to go to sleep. Akhilesh feels bad as if Manish could have seen how he is suffering.

In the hospital, the surgeon catches Kartik and Naira doing some masti like kids. He asks them to take rest as everything is recorded in the CCTV camera of the hospital. Naira asks him whether he will attend their wedding. The surgeon assures her that he will be there. Kartik and Naira goes to sleep.

In the morning, when Kartik wakes up he notices that Naira is nowhere. He gets out of the room and asks Manish about it. Manish asks him to check in wing ‘B’. Kartik enters a room there where Naira is getting ready for the wedding. Devyani, Rajshree, Kirti, Rajshree all are helping her get ready. He smiles with happiness. Kirti notices that Kartik is there. She asks him to handle his wife as she has increased their BP with her tantrums.

Naira gets up and asks Kartik whether she is looking nice. Kartik gets flat on her. All laugh at him. Suhasini asks him not to do the drama as they have seen it many times. Naira says that will her groom be in elegant clothes when the bride is ready so nicely? Naksh asks her to give them some time so that they can make him ready for the wedding. They all ask Kartik to get ready soon as it is an auspicious time. Naira feels little dizzy but she ignores that.

On the other side, the doctor is instructing the nurse about all the preparations for the surgery. Kartik meets him and he tells him that Naira’s health is fine. He further says that it was better that he didn’t force Naira to get married last night itself. But doctor says to him that loving partner to so much extent is not good sometimes. Kartik wonders what he is saying. Doctor tells him that he checked Naira in the morning and her situation is worsened than yesterday and she knows it.

Kartik is shocked to know that. Doctor says that both of them are doing the same thing with each other so loving partner is not good sometimes. He further says that intensions of both Kartik and Naira are good so they should hope for the best. Naksh gets tea for all. Manish informs that doctor Shah has is about to board in the flight from Delhi as he wanted to consult another doctor and also to get some medicines. Manish notices that Naitik is looking disturbed. He asks Naitik if he wants to say something. Naitik is fumbling. Naksh also asks him to speak out. Naitik says to all that he is thankful to Goenka family to stand by Naira in such a critical situation. But Manish tells him not to say anything further as Naira has become their daughter and she is not only their would be daughter in law.

Suhasini also makes Naitik understand that the relations doesn’t get made or broken by them but they just get made. She also says that if god forbid, Kartik would have been in such situation, they would have expected the same from them. Manish feels that they all are just big family; he also says that all the family should come along with Naira after marriage as a dowry. All laugh at that note. Naksh says that their wives will not be able to threaten them all that they will go to their mother’s place especially Naira and Kirti.

Kartik gets ready for the wedding. Naira is also looking in the mirror and happy that she is getting married. Kartik says to himself that everything will be alright and he should not worry. In the next moment Naira again feels some dizziness. She goes blank. She looks in the mirror. She wonders about why she is so much ready. Kartik tries to become positive. Naira is wondering about where she is and why she has got ready with such ethnic clothes. She takes out the flower garland in hair hairdo. She remembers that she was about to go on the ghat for the Ganga Aarti. She leaves the room. Kartik comes out. Rajshree praises him as he looks very nice in the ethnic clothes.

Manish and Naitik feels that it is a tie now as the groom is more stylish or the bride. Kartik is asking for Naira. Luv & Kush asks him to keep some patience. Rajshree informs him that Naksh and Kirti will be bringing her for the wedding. Devyani says to Kartik that Naira will be very happy that he has done so many things for her. Surekha also says that Naira feels that they will get married in the same room but she doesn’t know that Kartik has done so much planning to fulfil her wish. Luv & Kush see Naksh coming their way. Kirti and Naksh look tensed.

All ask them about it. Naksh and Kirti tell them that Naira got ready, she went to the wash room. But she went out somewhere from there. Kartik is tensed as he knows about her condition. Devyani asks Kirti whether she checked into the bathroom properly. Kirti informs her that she just got the garlands of the Naira which was shattered. Kartik thinks that Naira might have forgotten about where she was supposed to go. All of them start looking for Naira. Manish asks Naksh and Akhilesh to check the CCTV footage so they will get some information about Naira. Naitik is also very tensed but Manish asks him not to think much as Naira will be somewhere nearby. They continue looking for Naira.