Zindagi Ki Mahek

Zindagi Ki Mahek Upcoming Serial
Zindagi Ki Mahek Upcoming Serial

Zindagi Ki Mahek 20 October episode

In the 20 Oct episode of Mahek Zindagi ke serial, Mahek is leaving her competition in a middle. On the other hand, Shaurya is drinking juice and recall the words of Mahek that he may be a dashing and hot for all young ladies but she doesn’t think that way about him. After that Rajiv enter in his room and ask him why are you so tensed? Shaurya said I don’t know the reason but today Mahek make me feel powerless.

Zindagi Ki Mahek 19 October episode

In the 19 Oct episode of Zindagi Ki Mahek serial, Mahek asks Shaury what’s wrong with you and  why  you hate me. He says that I hate your face and don’t want to see your face in my life. Shaury ordered her to reach the set soon. Mahek rushes to take the part in the competition and because of her decision Kanta get tensed. Shaurya asks them to start the competition then one boy said that one contestant is not present here.

Zindagi Ki Mahek 14 October episode

In the 14 October episode of Mahek Zindagi ki , Mahek’s aunt and uncle are trying to enter in the audition menu but guard did not allow them to enter because they don’t have passes. Mehek starts making Rissoto but she did not know how to make it. So Mahek started makinf rice balls. The other two judges, Rajeev and Rekha, liked the rice ball and Rajeev explained that Rice Balls is an Italian and some how Mehek is selected for India’s Super Cook.

Zindagi Ki Mahek 13 October episode

In the 13 October episode of  Zindagi Ki Mahek, Mahek is chatting in the facebook with Shaurya and he asked her that why she is so tensed. Mahek tells her difficulties with Shaurya. He advised Mahek to take part in the cooking competition. Next morning, Balwant and Jeevan talking with each and  laughing , and they saw Mansi , Jeevan  asked her about Ravi to her. On the other hand, Kaanta asked Mahek about the cooking competition , Mahek replied to her that she will be taking part on it. Then she suddenly started talking about Ravi , but Mahek did not say any thing.

Zindagi Ki Mahek 4 October episode

In the 4 October episode of Mahek serial Mahek  goes to sleep after chatting with Shaurya for a while. Next morning, Mahek find the rice from the previous day and decides to use it to prepare a new dish of it. Meanwhile, Shaurya gets angry with the manager of his restaurant for trying to serve previous day’s food to the customer. He later fires the manager for serving old food and just then, Rajiv enter the restaurant.

Zindagi Ki Mahek 30 sep episode

In the 30 sep episode of Zindagi Ki Mahek serial , A man started flirting with Snehal but she avoided him and tell him to marry Mahek because can’t handle him. Shaurya attended a press conference in which he shared that he will gonna judge cooking competition. Meanwhile, Mahek is very excited for cooking competition then Pummy reminds her that she is only a helper, not a contestant.  Mahek remains tensed and want to prepare delicious food for Pummy so that she can win the competition.

Zindagi Ki Mahek 27 sep episode

In the 27 sept episode of Zindagi Ki Mahek serial Kanta and her husband Jevan get into a bad argument with Ravi and Mansi over the money that they need for a marriage of Mehek. After Seeing the family fighting, for her marriage ,  Mehek gets upset and started crying. Later, at the dining , whole  family joins in this argument and the family started fighting . Mehek takes her  Snehal and Mohit away from the argument. Mahek makes a plan with Snehal and Mohit and they started acting of the fight. Meanwhile, the entire family rushes upstairs as they hear Snehal and Mohit fighting. But when the entire family stop their fight, they started laughing and  learn a good lesson to their family.

Zindagi Ki Mahek 22 sep episode

In the 22 sept episode of Zindagi Ki Mahek serial Kanta and her husband leave their meeting in the middle when they got to know that  their grandmother is sending Balwant  to the old age home. Meanwhile, all the family members try to stop the men who are try to take Balwant away. Kanta and her husband reach on time and stop Balwant. Later, Balwant is very upset and don’t want to talk with any one.  Watch Mahek serial know more.

Zindagi Ki Mahek 21 sep episode

Mahek Zeetv serial started with a moderate rate where lead character Mahek played by new bee Samiksha Jaiswal. Zindagi ki mehak serial’s story dedicated to all Indian girl who simply wanted to become a house wife. There are many serials come with housewife concept but this time with Zindagi ki mehak makers display the story of a girl. Who don’t wanted to work out side the house who don’t have any ambitions in life? But, Mahek in Zindagi ki Mahek serial perfectly manages home make tasty food for family members. That’s how she spent her life, she cares for everyone, solve everyone’s problem effectively. Samiksha Jaiswal justifying the character with her amazing acting talent.

Mahek Zee TV

Zindagi Ki Mahek Serial Wiki

Zindagi Ki Mahek is an upcoming serial of Indian television which is scheduled to be released in September 2016 and will be broadcast on Zee TV. Zindagi Ki Mahek Serial is produced by Parin Media of Saurabh Tewari. Sameeksha Jaiswal is going to play the lead role in the serial Zindagi Ki Mahek. She is from Indore and this is her debut serial. Sameeksha completed her studies from EMRC college Indore and during her studies she worked in many videos and in college projects. Indore is well known for its talents, now again Indori girl Sameeksha is ready to spread the magic of her acting on Indian television screen. Zindagi Ki Mahek serial is already is in Buzz because of new face Sameeksha Jaiswal , who already win the heart of viewer with her sweet smile and lovely eyes. This saw will surely gonna hit because her acting is so natural. Zindagi Ki Mahek serial is based on the life of Indian house maker who spends her whole life to serve her family. This serial show that how a simple woman forgets her own dreams in order to fulfil others expectations.

Mahek Serial Star Cast

Sameeksha Jaiswal will essay the main lead role in the in the upcoming serial Zindagi Ki Mahek. Another star cast is not finalized yet when the makers reveal the name of another star cast we will update you.

Mahek in Zindagi ki Mehek serial – Sameeksha Jaiswal (New Bee)

Manit Joura in Zindagi ki Mahek

Zindagi Ki Mahek Serial Story / Plot

The story of the serial Zindagi Ki Mahek is based on the life of House maker. Zindagi ki Mahek serial will display the importance of a housewife, in today’s world where girls more inclining towards to play working women where they have to handle both work and house a the same time. But we can’t forget our moms who are housewives how perfectly they managed everyone’s choices and managed house. With the character of Mahek makers want to connect with Indian housewives who dedicated their lives to their husband, children and other family members.

Zindagi Ki Mahek Serial Promo

Zindagi Ki Mahek Zeetv Promo has been released already which featured Sameeksha Jaiswal as the lead character of Mahek who is a housewife and enjoy her life.

Mahek serial Zee tv updates

Well, there are many TV serials has come which shows concept related to housewives but with upcoming zee tv serial Mahek makers want to relate with every Indian girl or woman who is a housewife. The character Mahek Zee TV playing by newbie Sameeksha Jaiswal who is giving her debut to Indian television. With the character of Mahek makers wants to connect every housewife who will see their own life on the screens of their television sets with Zee TV serial Zindagi ki Mahek.

Zindagi Ki Mahek Serial New Promo

The new promo of Zindagi Ki Mahek is also launched in which Sameeksha Jaiswal, who is playing the lead role is eating Aaloo ka Paratha with lots of Butter. On the other side the male lead is totally against of eating fatty food. This is gonna be interesting to watch this serial in which two opposite people fall in love with each other.

Zindagi Ki Mahek Wallpaper

Zindagi Ki Mahek Upcoming Serial photos

Zindagi Ki Mahek Upcoming Serial
Zindagi Ki Mahek Upcoming Serial

Sameeksha Jaiswal Zindagi Ki Mahek

Sameeksha Jaiswal Zindagi Ki Mahek
Sameeksha Jaiswal Zindagi Ki Mahek

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